Double pneumonia

I was taken into hospital early this year (1stFeb) with double pneumonia and spent 6 day’s in there, 4mths down the line and I’m still recovering, it’s really wearing on both me and my hubby, I feel like I’m never going to get over it, I’ve recently had a chest x-ray and it’s showing my chest is clear, which is great, so why I’m I still coughing and bringing stuff up (sorry not nice) I’ve a telephone appt on the 17th June with my GP, so maybe they will tell me. I think for people like us it just seem to one thing after another and when we get something it takes so long to get rid of it. I’ve got spms, so have a lot of issues with this too, as most of us do.

Jean x

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Hi Jean

I am so sorry to hear this and hope that you will feel more yourself real soon.

I do agree with you when you say it takes us longer to recover MS has a lot to answer for.

Keep your chin up Jean hopefully your GP will be able to offer some support.

Take care sending gentle hugs.

Pam x


I am sorry you’re struggling. I’m afraid that I completely agree with you - those of us of a certain age just don’t bounce back the way we used to. I’ve heard MS described as getting old, just a bit early, and that’s only too true in my experience.

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Hi Jean,
I had an infectious diseases check-up today, for my Community Acquired Pneumonia and we determined this bacterial infection may have even stemmed as far back as my Corona Virus infection, 10 months ago, long Covid.

Being immuno compromised, we MSers probably will expect recovering from any lurgy to take a considerable length of time, hoping we all get better soon.

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Sorry to hear that Jean :worried:

I’ve also had a long bout of illness. Not as serious as yours but a bout of lower-leg cellulitis. In hospital for 18 days back in November and only finally had the bandages off 3 weeks ago. So many courses of antibiotics along the way.

I sympathise. It’s such a long road isn’t it. We all know we’re getting worse but the hope is that while there’s something else going on as well, when we recover from the second issue, we can rejoin our MS glide-path more or less where we left it. Hard sometimes but we have to do our best to stay positive and looking ahead.


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Thank you for all your replies, I knew folk on here would understand and I too am sorry for everything you’re all going through :smiling_face_with_tear: I’ve got physio this morning, my GP things it’s to do with shoulder rotation, I’m not so sure, but we’ll see. Take care all and try to keep your chin up,
Jean x

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