Chest infections .. COPD

Hi my partner has had covid and pneumonia and he survived. He has been suffering repeat infections and has been in hospital twice. Again he has another and GP has prescribed antibiotics, steroids and a tablet that should make it easier for him to cough up. Anyone else had this? I look at him when he is so poorly and think oh my goodness how will he survive that and he does. Just wondering if anyone has any tips, ideas etc thank you

If the hospital have been doing blood tests and taking cultures from the sputum, they should be able to prescribe the right antibiotics each time.

I’ve had 2 cellulitis infections in Apr & July and recovery time with MS is considerably longer than previous instances, pre-MS. I’m hoping the longer course of antibiotics, delivered intravenously via mobile nurses attached to the hospital will do the trick this time. Do you have such a service available in your area?

They took bloods at hospital and he had antibiotics and recovered. He hasn’t had any bloods taken at home and hasn’t been able to cough up the phlegm but hopefully he can now and they will test it.