Re-Occurring Chest infections


My mum has PPMS and was diagnosed around 15 years ago. Gradually over the years she has lost use of her legs & fingers are fiddly.

she can still transfer with help, into an elec wheelchair which she whizzes about in. She has a supra pubic catheter which she has had for years and gets on with well. Her mind has always remained sound.

at the end of November, she was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. On admittance and a few days before, she had severe confusion/delerium. Which came with the infection. She was treated with antibiotics and recovered, however weak as can be imagined. Her confusion completey subsided as the infection did.

she came home, a week later, she started with the confusion again, and again, was admitted for a chest infection. She was treated again with antibiotics. She came home, 2 weeks this time, the confusion started again, and again back in hospital with a chest infection.
she is just about to be discharged from hospital again and we are worried she will be home a few weeks and this will happen again.

im wondering if anyone has had any experience similar? Ive been reading about aspiration pneumonia. She does sometimes feel like she has something stuck in her throat after eating and coughs for a bit, but its not choking or anything major.

any advice/help/suggestions?

thank you!!