Hi all

am pretty new to all this, been on treatment 1 year. I had a chest infection 5 weeks ago requiring g2 courses of antibiotics and small course of steroids. My chest cleared after 2 weeks but I have been left fatigued, fuzzy brain, unable to concentrate which seems to affect what I say, struggling to read or even write and definitely don’t feel ok to drive or work. Just wondering if anyone else takes a long time to recover like this. I’ve been told it’s not a relapse just my body recovering.


hi claire

if you don’t feel fit to drive or work, you should ask your gp for a sick note,

give yourself the chance to fully recover.

tuck yourself up with lots of chocolate, whatever drink takes your fancy and a box set to watch.

carole x

Thanks Carole, I’ve got a sick note as been off 5 weeks already, the downside is I only get SSP and just wondered of this is a ‘normal’ ish length of time to recover?

Claire xx