Exhausted 🥱

Just on for a moan really.
Was diagnosed in December although still need further tests to determine if I have rrms or spms?

Anyhoo not the point.

The point is I had covid at Xmas time ( no symptoms other than a runny nose & headache) was negative after 12 days but after a week back at work I now have a chest infection. I’m wheezing just walking upstairs :cry: (also have asthma)?

I’m now worried that this is life from now on, taking forever to fight off bugs & being super tired all the time?

Has anyone else had covid yet? Did it knock you for 6 for a while?

Hi there!
I have covid now,but thankfully it isnt a severe case…more like a mild/moderate cold really.

I wonder if you should do another test to check covid hasnt come back, as it can do?

Then there is long covid…fatigue/cough?

Having asthma could be the cause too. Check with GP eh?

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Hope you get past covid soon.
As I said I had a really mild case too.
Have contacted the gp as LFT negative I’m thinking it may be long covid as you suggested.

Just wondered if ms affects recovery rate from usual bugs?

I don’t think MS affects recovery rate from usual bugs, per se, though if it is causing poor sleep through pain or discomfort, or less nutritious diet through being too exhausted to cook good wholesome meals, or increased stress, or any of the other things that can knock down the immune system, then yes, it could do.

Maybe when you got Covid, because it seemed mild, you rushed back to doing too much, which has knocked you back? It is a strange virus, and long covid seems to affect some even when the initial virus seemed mild, as well as those who had a more difficult time with it.

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