Not diagnosed but doctor suspects ms

I had COVID in 2019 then a mild COVID this January 2022. I’ve never felt great ever since with bouts of fatigue. The last 4 months since march I’ve had problems walking extremely slow sometimes it’s like I’m going downstairs also when I get bad I feel tired and my face becomes drawn. Just as I start to feel a bit better it all comes back again. My legs get tight around thighs and buttocks. It’s hard to go upstairs. My friend says I look like I need to go to a day center but I am in denial. Strange thing is I don’t have pain or tingles. I’ve had MRI and untold blood tests but all seem ok. I do have hypersensitivity in bowels. I been waiting for urgent neurology since march. Thanks for reading my story.

hi, maybe you are suffering from long covid…dont get too hooked on MS

Covid can cause neuroinflammation. There are also thoughts that Covid can reactivate the Epstein barr virus, which most of the population by their mid 20s has been infected by, though most never know they had it as the symptoms for many are very mild, and that that may be behind many of the long covid cases.

Hope you don’t have to wait to long for your neurology appointment.

Thanks ziola. I’m 54 I had covid nearly 2 year’s ago. Then a lighter covid in January. Whatever I got now keeps coming back on and off. When Im not at my worst I still walk extremely slow

Thank PBMS. My covid was nearly 2 year’s ago. Whatever I have now keeps gcoming back on of all the time.

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