Can I ask your opinion

Hello! I still don’t know my diagnosis but trying to resolve this mystery so that’s why I am here.

My story began in the end of May. I was sick with coronavirus in the begging of May. After couple of weeks I had Bell’s palsy (without any pain or vision issues). I recovered fully and forgot about it. But for almost 1 month now i feel different symptoms which are definitely neurological. It’s some problems with eyes like it becomes harder to focus on object when it’s dark, i started see worse with my right eye, also i see some micro dots like when you see old photos with low quality. Ophthalmologist says that i have minimal retinal dystrophy. But also at the same time i have some pins and needles in both legs and arms, some minimal bladder issues, tremor, sometimes nausea and back pain and my legs sometimes move when I am trying to sleep.
I’ve done MRI several times during two months. My brain and all of sections of my back but without contrast. It’s all clean. Also i had negative Aquaporin 4. And neurologists saw only minimal neurological disorders during my appointment, also I don’t have abdominal reflex.
But i feel really sick.

Can it be PPMS? Or something else?
I am really scared.

It is good that your scans have come back clear. Don’t worry about not having contrast. The scans you have had would have picked up lesions if they were there, with or without contrast. What the contrast does is pick out very recent lesions where inflammation is still active distinguishing them from older lesions.

As you have had Covid, and as Covid does seem to come with various neurological type symptoms such as you have had, then if it were me I’d be thinking for the time being that it is Covid related, rather than worrying about MS. Doctors are learning all the time about Covid, as it is all so new. Quite what it means long-term is still unknown. Hopefully it will gradually improve over time.

Good that they are taking it seriously and investigating and that you’ve not been just abandoned.

Ziola, thank you for your message!
It makes me feel a little better.
I know that that’s all because of covid but i also know that covid can trigger autoimmune disorders. That’s why i am so worried.

Doctors didn’t ignore me in most cases only because i paid a lot of money :frowning:
I live in Russia so there are some difficulties considering medicine. Although I have met some amazing doctors who helped me with some other problems in the past and literally saved my life.

Hi jenny I’ve been experiencing similar symptoms as you since mid July the thing that gets me worried thr most is the tremors in the abdomin have you had any news yet what this might be I’ve got the tremor there all the time last 2 months or so but now I’ve got other stuff happening like pins and needles in my left hand my wee finger feels numb

My symptoms

Started with nausea but not for last few weeks and when eating my dinner now I get light headed its weird.


Muscle twitching this can be in arms legs or my flanks mostly right side

Weird feeling in my throat not sore but just doesn’t seem right

Right side jaw and ear feels numb

This is all comes and goes in waves and your same as me a reply makes me feel better too hoping too get too the bottom off this I’m only 29 and I’ve got a scan here on the 29th off September my 30th birthday I’m so worried about it this all came so sudden one day I was heading too work I knew I didn’t feel right after lifting stuff in work mainly heavy stuff I was worried about myself and started crying thats not like me at all my mental health has tool a dive cause off all this haven’t left home in weeks and when I do its too the supermarket or something and even that feels tough hope your feeling OK this can be a tough ride hope you find answers soon x