Pretty terrified and looking for perspective

As the title says! I’m 44 yo woman. Came home from holiday, got off the plane and was seeing doubles of the arrivals board which I put down to being tired. Developed runny nose and got positive lateral flow for Covid same day. Double vision persisted so I was seen in eye casualty and diagnosed with a cranial nerve palsy - probably viral origin and told it would go away in a few weeks to months and given some steroids.

This is where I’m possibly lucky or maybe have just complicated things for myself. I had a private MRI to be careful and this has shown two small lesions in brainstem which are probably causing symptoms - described as high signal, possibly infection, and an asymptomatic high signal lesion around one ventricle. It doesn’t comment in report specifically but this larger lesion likely older.

I don’t have any other neurological symptoms (though of course I’m racking my brain to think of odd symptoms over past decades) and my vision is now back to pretty much normal after three weeks.

I’ve been referred through NHS to neurologist/neuroinflammatory specialist. I know this will take a while and as you can see I’m up at 4.45am googling MS symptoms because I’m terrified.

Does this sound like definitely MS? Could they tell me that it isn’t? Anyone with a similar presentation?

Thank you.

Hi CMS and welsome,

In 2017, after a blood test my doctor suggested I “May” have leukaemia, My wife done exactly the same as you, really worried, researching everything and getting herself upset. My words and thoughts at the time were … "We don’t know for definite yet so why worry? there’s nothing we can do about it. If it turns out that I do have Leukaemia, don’t worry! there’s nothing we can do about it! We just go with the flow and look at a good future, not a bad one.
I’m a strong believer in staying positive and fight whatever comes my way…whatever that may be?
I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in 2017 and SPMS a couple of weeks ago, My spinal chord is also being crushed by my spine, but I’m still fully mobile, although a little slower in my left leg, but nothing is going to stop me cracking on and moving forward.

I hope you can stay positive and take whatever is thrown your way, it will definitely make any path a bit easier to deal with.

“You can’t control the waves, but you can learn how to surf”