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Hi everyone I’ve not felt too good recently and started to research my symptoms and ended up wondering if MS may be my problem I’ve recently had a really bad chest infection ( I generally do not suffer from this) It lasted nearly 3 weeks and took 2 courses of ABs to clear it. Now I have very strange symptoms in my legs My right lower leg is sort of numb with pins and needles in the leg and foot and my left is the same Just not as bad.During my chest infection my thigh had the same symptons. I have seen my doctor and he has advise me to watch for any muscle weakness but we did not discuss MS. In general I do not feel well. Whilst I was researching I came across some articles which suggested a bad infection may bring on MS but this has never been proven. Appreciate your thoughts

TBH, if MS is going to get you, it’s going to get you, chest infection or no. Bad infections can deplete our resources so that bad things that are quietly seething in the background can suddenly come to the boil, but they would have come to the boil anyway, one way or another. The chest infection (or whatever) doesn’t cause them; it just enables their expression. Even if it turned out that you did have MS (and I very much hope that you haven’t) then you wouldn’t have given it to yourself by catching a chest infection or anything else.

There are few things more depressing to the spirits than a spell of illness like the one you have had. Even a very fit, young and healthy person (and, for all I know, you might be all three!) needs way more time than he thinks to get back on form after a serious infection like that. So please give yourself time to deal with the perfectly normal hangover from your illness before you start worrying about your general feeling of unwellness being caused by something else. In medicine as in life, the most likely explanation is the most likely explanation - and the most likely reason for you feeling rough is because you have had a bad chest infection.

As for the weird sensations, well, you have done the right thing in telling the GP.With a bit of luck, everything will return to normal as your health and strength return. I know there is no point telling you to not worry - bizarre things going on is always going to worrying - but try anyway. Fingers crossed, it will all fade away and that will be that. Anything else happens, you know the GP is there.

Good luck.


Many thanks for your reply Alison. I’m 52 but very active and keep myself fit by cycling 50 to 100 miles each week. I’m probably very run down though as I continued with my cycling during the illness. The strange leg and feet symptoms are still there and I can best describe it as wearing socks which are too small. A few of my toes have no feeling in them and one leg had a feeling of wearing very tight jeans (sorry for the bizarre description but it’s the best I can do) ill see how the next week progresses. again many thanks

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You are welcome. One more thing - and this is boring and everyone tells themselves they ought to do it and then don’t bother because it seems ridiculously self-absorbed and a sign of embarrassingly unhealthy health obsession - keep notes. Just do. Dates and descriptions and never mind how bizarre. Everybody thinks they’ll remember without writing it down; pretty much nobody does.