MS ?

I am a 30 yr old female. Last week out of the blue my right fingers felt “tigh/tingly” For about 2 weeks before I had severe shoulder pain which I assumed was a pinched nerve running down my right shoulder. Last week after feeling the tingling in my right fingers, i felt the same Tightness in my left fingers and then in my right leg and left leg over 3 days. I felt unbalanced, headaches and felt like I was going to fall over walking because I felt weak with less strength in my knees. I still feel this 9 days later maybe a little more stringers in my legs but not so much. When I sit on my knees, I feel like I don’t even have knees I get scared, it feels jiggly/wobbly. When I itch my skin - thieghs, stomach, legs it to me feel like a plastic/rubber feeling and very sensitive. I get bad spasms when I massage my legs but this feels like the only way for me to trigger the feel that I have legs. Sometimes I feel my legs are cold and they are not The emergency room and my doctor said my blood is clear. ( small infection) My doctor said I have an infection in blood and there is swelling above my right buttocks and under my arms. I had an ear infection and swelled glands. I can walk but trying to run I feel uncordinated. I am on flucidine cream, treva cloxaclilln pills and robax muscle relaxer. I have also over the past 3 months had a severe skin rash. My demotologist said it was eczema but my phsyian thinks it could be shingles. I have been out of the country in the past 2 months. 3 weeks ago my demotologist did a biopsy and it came back clear. Other than this I have been healthy. just consistent back pain and pinched nerves Please help me Farah

Hi Farah,

My gut feeling is it’s unlikely to be MS, as you have only had symptoms for a relatively brief period of time, some of them (swelling, glands, rash etc.) are inconsistent with MS, plus you DID test positive for an infection. I’ve no idea what a “small” blood infection actually is. Obviously any infection can’t be good, and I wonder if that alone could be responsible for most of it?

No, I don’t think nothing’s wrong, and I do think you need to get to the bottom of it, but I would think MS is quite far down the list of suspects, at the moment. It doesn’t cause rashes, so you need to try to find out what that’s all about, and also what this mysterious “infection” is, that you have.

MS is a diagnosis of exclusion, which means it’s only considered when all other possible explanations have been ruled out. At the moment, you seem to have several factors that point in the direction of other explanations, so I’d try to put MS out of your mind, for the time being, and see where investigations lead with all this other stuff, that really doesn’t sound like MS.

Hope this helps,


Thank you Tina. It’s very alarming when you put your symptoms into the internet and all that comes up is MS. I do still awake up with the same symptoms and pain everyday but am pursuing it with my doctor. Just never felt ’ disabled’ to carry on with daily tasks Thank you for your reply! God bless you!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m with Tina - it doesn’t sound like MS. Hopefully once the infection clears, all the symptoms will too and you can put this behind you :slight_smile:

Karen x