Looking for some advice on MS

Hi everyone, i hope I’ve posted this in the right place, im looking for some advice on possibly having MS. The last 4 or 5 years I’ve had numbness in feet and hands that slowly started to spread up my arms and legs, then a couple of times my left leg just went completely out from under me. I had zero control over it. The last 4 months I’ve been getting these strange sensations and feelings. It started with a vibration inside, like my core was turning and twisting, vibrations swirling tingling sensation on my skin all over body. This was accompanied by a rushing warm sensation up my entire spine and exploding into my mouth (As if I was clenching jaw/teeth and they explod). This lasted about 20 to 30 minutes. Then i started to get intense body spasms in my core and legs, i had no control of my body at all through these. They are so intense, my back lifts off the bed and my thighs feel like their locked together. I also get a tremor inside at random times. The numbnes/ tingling has been getting progressively worse. My right hand gets intense tingles and from my middle finger to pinky feels numb and spreads to my elbow (As if I’m wearing half a glove). The numbness changes to throbbing sharp pain. Everytime I sit or lay down now I get extreme sensations like electric shocks up my legs, it has started to go into my private parts. Once it’s their it’s like a zingy feeling. I haven’t been able to find another word to describe it… like little electric shocks. I’m also experiencing extreme fatigue, if I fight through it and get on with my day after an hr or 2 I get an extreme tremor inside my body, all over but more severe in legs ans arms. Sometimes my grip is weak, like my hands are covered in soap. Things I try to pick up jusy fall out of my hands, glasses, cups, plates ect. My lower back is constantly sore/stiff which radiates down both thighs, i also gets shooting pain down my arms. The right side of my face has started to become numb, it started in my cheeck and spread to right side of nose, lips, tongue and inside cheek and upper jaw and lower jaw. My teeth also get sore like tingling or pressure funny enough I get the same feeling in my nails. I’ve been to my dentist s couple of tines and it’s nothing dental. My doctor emailed the neurologist and he has placed me on the urgent list for a MRI for my brain and spinal column. That’s not until February 2019. I’ve been trying to do some research online but it could be any autoimmune disorders. I would love some advice from someone, what this could be or is anyone else experiencing these systoms. …


It does sounds like you are experiencing a particularly horrible set of symptoms.

But, the biggest problem with MS is that a) it shares a lot of symptoms with other diagnoses, and b) we all experience different bits of symptoms.

So, yes, numbness, tingling, pain, spasms, tremors, fatigue, all could be part of MS, equally they could be symptoms of a different disorder. You also have other symptoms that don’t (to me) seem to fit. In particular I’m thinking of your attacks of vibration leading to spasms etc, that last 20 to 30 minutes. This doesn’t mean it either is or isn’t MS. It just means that symptoms of MS can’t be labelled easily.

I’m afraid that all you can do is wait for the neurologist appointment. Have you approached your GP again to ask if they can hurry it up at all? Your symptoms do sound quite extreme. If you can’t get the GP to speed things up, and you are having these attacks very frequently and they are as bad as they sound, perhaps the answer is A&E.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help.


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