Scared and nervous

Hi all

After reading various post on this site over the last few weeks, I thought I’d finally take the plunge and join you all. I’ve gone from being a normal, relatively active 48 year old to creeping around everywhere terrified I’m going to fall, and having to use a stick to keep my balance when I’m out and about, in about 10 weeks. It started with a patch of numbness on my big toe, progressed through pins and needles and tingling in my feet, to electric shocks and feeling like my muscles in my legs are soggy, water-laden memory foam which don’t really belong to me very much. My ankles keep giving out, and I’m tending to scuff my foot when I walk and trip over nothing. The pain in my legs is so constant - there everyday but in varying degrees admittedly. Various other symptoms including chronic fatigue, inability to think and losing my train of thought (because I can’t remember what I was talking about!), blurred vision, clumsiness and losing the strength in my hand sometimes. New symptom is feeling sometimes like I’m being held in a half nelson which compresses my chest and neck.

Really fed up that I can’t even take a bath as the hot water hurts even more in my legs, and today to top it off, even a shower made my legs feel like they were going to cramp up :frowning:

I’ve had an MRI and see my Neuro on Monday for the first time. I’m really scared that I have MS, but also strangely scared that it isn’t if that makes sense - because I don’t know what else it could be. Starting to get really depressed now as there’s so much I can no longer do, including driving and going to work. Any advice?

Hey Rayne, a warm welcome to here!

I’ve been having numbness, electric shocks and weakness too. I’ve seen the neuro who couldn’t find anything wrong with my balance or sight, but has referred me to have an MRI which will be in January.

To be honest, I’m more scared that they won’t find anything than if they will - it’s the not knowing that I find difficult to deal with, so I have lots of sympathy for you. Try to remember that if it is MS, they will be lots of support. Lovely people on here, MS nurse and there are drugs to help with pain relief ect.

The best thing I’ve found is to take your mind off of it as much as possible, by doing whatever you still can do. Phoning up a friend, watching a good film, anything you can manage really.

Sending hugs and positive energy x

Greetings Rayne and welcome. Hope you find the help and support you seek from the fine folk on here. I do not have a dx yet but have found the support on here invaluable. Good luck for Monday and keep us posted.

Hi and welcome,

Because so much is happening so quickly and to both sides of the body it may not be MS. A virus and even vitamin defiencies can give rise to acute symptoms.

Discovery of RRMS at 48 is quite rare PPMS is more common at that age. Yet PPMS starts off so slowly - like tripping over toe once a month, then this progresses to once a week, then once a day , to once a minute. I think that you have too many things going on for PPMS.

Have you had any suspicious incidents in the past which could point to neurological problems.

It may be something easily sorted.

Moyna xxx

I hope it is something that can be easily sorted, and I’m glad that you are seeing a neuro. If you do get diagnosed with ms though, it could be RRMS as I am also a similar age and mine came on quickly (I’ve been diagnosed with CIS, a one off incidence of ms at the moment). I am slowly recovering after a very scary time including hospitalisation. I hope your MRI and any other tests you have get to the bottom of this. PM me if you want to chat.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I have had the whole range of blood tests including ones for vitamin B12 deficiency and even for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but they were all clear. Looking back I have had a gradual clumsiness over the last few years which has gradually gotten worse. Guess I have to wait and see what the Neuro says. I just want to find out what it is, and get some treatment for it. The pain is incredibly intense sometimes :frowning:

Hello Rayne and welcome.

Best of luck for Monday. I hope the neuro appointment goes well and you get some answers.

Take care, Noreen xxx

Hello, I’m new too this. I’m sort of looking for advice really and too see other people’s experiences. I’m 25 been having health issues for a year now, I have a heart rhythm disorder which all these new symptoms that followed over the last year I though were linked with the heart, it all started in about December last year, I started feeling fatigued all of the time even after I had a decent nights sleep I got a lot of headaches and light headedness, at first I just put it down too having two young children and that I was just a bit stressed and tired. Then I started too get a lot of skipped heartbeats, I left it 4 months before I went too my gp I thought it was just me and it was in my head, on 3 occasions I experienced a really sudden fast heartbeat I never even knew your heart could be that fast and it was really frightening I would get really dizzy too the point where I would nearly faint so I went too my gp I had bloods done ECG I wore a holter monitor everything seemed too come back ok, I was then reffered too the palpitations clinic where again I had another holistic monitor fitted again nothing was picked up as I never had an attack of it at the time I had the holter monitor on u was prescribed beta blockers and was sent on my way over the next months things got worse I was starting too get chest pains my heart rate would be 170 bpm some days which is tachycardia I was getting blurred vision blacked flashes in my right eye and immense pressure in my head I would get numbness in my lips and tounge and would get numbness and tingling in my arms and feet I was convinced it was my heart and maybe circulatory problem that’s was causing all these new symptoms so u went back too my gp who reffered me too see the cardiologist I had more bloods as a chest X-ray the bloods and chest X-ray come back fine, I seen the neurologist few weeks ago as I was concerned about the pressure in my head and the pins and needles and numbness and tingling the black flashes the bad memory all this was of massive concern too me also my nana as ms she was diagnosed in her 20s and is really effected badly by it now, I had my cervical/brain scan on Wednesday I’m really worried about the results I’m starting too think maybes it is ms I do have a lot of symptoms of it, I havnt yet seen the cardiologist I am due too see him Monday they are questioning svt with me, I’m stuck I don’t know wether its my heart or my head, some days I feel like I’m going nuts, I’ve scoured through the Internet for information and advice and found this website and thought is share my experiences at the moment I feel silly writing on here as I havnt actually had a diagnosis but I do know a lot about ms as my Nana has had it for many years. Thanks