advice please

Hi guys, i need some advice again please. Had a terrible couple of days wanting to go to the toilet every 2 mins. Think i might have a water infection but not sure as ive never had one before. Stayed in bed all day yesterday as my legs just would not work. This hasnt happened before either. Been away last week and did a lot of driving. Do you think ive just overdone it with my legs. Its scaring me cos usually i can always walk. Maybe a couple of days rest will sort them?? Rang nhs service tea time last night and they have just got back to me now! Can a water infection wipe you out? Any advice greatfully appreciated, i dont know whats happening to me.xx


A water infection can affect people in different ways. I would suggest to have a quick test done at a walk in centre or GPs. The initial test is just simple dip stick in to your urine sample. Easy.

Funny, it’s only a couple of days since my mum had an infection. She just blacked out and was feeling aches in her arms and a leg. My sisters took her to hospital and they confirmed she had an water infection.

So my advice is yeah just a quick check - only takes seconds. You will spend more time waiting for your appointment. LOL!


Sounds like a urine infection to me. They can really wipe you out.

Phone your GP first thing in the morning & ask for an urgent appointment.

Hope you feel much better soon. Antibiotics will clear it up. I’d bet money on it being a urine infection.

Pat xx

Thanks guys.x

Yeh, a uti can really be to blame for all sorts of odd goings on…including making your legs inactive.

Also if you dont empty your bladder fully, you can retain more than you realise and hence the need to keep wanting to go.

Continence service can help with monitoring your output. They were great with me.


Thanks poll.x think thats what it was. Seem to have picked up a bit but it was scarey.x