Water Infection!

I suffer from SPMS and am lucky that I do not necessarily suffer from UTI’s but at the moment I am suffering from a UTI and self medicating at the moment because it’s the weekend. Does anyone know if this will be okay or should I be consulting a Dr in order to obtain antibiotics because of the effect this may have on my MS, can anyone offer any advice please?

Hi Viv

I had a UTI last weekend. I called the out-of-hours GP, and a doc came out & gave me a prescription. So you could do that, but I guess it depends how badly it’s affecting you. If you don’t feel too bad you could wait till Monday to call your GP. Either way, make sure you drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and sugary drinks.


Hi i bought some urinalysis sticks off amazon i know they are accurate as they have worked lol. If i think i have a UTI i test my urine and if it shows the top two on the stick i send a sample it has always been accurate. even if there is only purple leucoytes now my nurse sends it off but will also give me a script for trimoprim. I have extra for emergency.

Now the reason why I explain this is i tell you i would swear i have a UTI everything is typical but no the stick is normal, so its probably my Interstitial Cystitis which i was diagnosed with moons ago.

anyway i would buy some sticks they have saved my life many a time. I dont want to become resistent to antibiotics. If your 100per cent sure you have a uti and have antibiotics taking tabs a few days shouldnt be a problem, but tomorrow have you urine tested.

are you on a dose every night i am?

its miserable a UTI and my IC is active at the moment got myself a bit stressed lol. xxxx you know the score lots of fluids no cranberry juice its way to sugary, just plain water. I find citrus fruits makes it worse too. I do take a cranberry tablet every day which does help.


I also suffer interstitial cystis awful disease I’ve now had bladder and urethral removal but still plagued by constant uti. Please go and get checked by a Dr as utis can lead to sepsis I know this all to well.