Constant urinary infections!

I had to go to the out of hours doctor today as I have not had a bowel movement in over two weeks and was in agony. My stomach and my back were so sore it was making me nauseous. Anyway she examined me, gave me meds and then sent me to get a urine sample. She dipped it and it was full of leukocytes, protein and blood. Said it looked like a bad infection so gave me anti biotics. I have had constant infections since before christmas, literally a week apart if even. So my questions are… What causes this in ms? (I’m only 29 and have a lesion at C4) Is there anything to do that can prevent them? Does anyone else order those urine dip strips? I think I might as would save a lot of hassle constantly getting doc appointments. Thanks in advance, lindsay x

Definitely a good idea to get the strips, also to maybe somehow get an over stock of an effective antibiotic so next time you can get onto it straight away once you have self tested (but also have spare specimin bottles to hand so you can give a sample to the doc collected before taking the anitbiotic). These infections seem to me to have a tendency to start on Fridays or weekends when you cant easily see a doctor. I think a major cause of multiple infections with MS is that the bladder doesnt empty/flush out efficiently, allowing bugs to ‘dig in’ and entrench their position so to speak.

Hi Lindsay

I too have suffered frequent urine infections for many years, it is one of the most miserable symptoms. I have been taking a prophylactic low dose anti biotic for some years which does help, but not not entirely. At the beginning of last year I was like you suffering constant infections. My GP thought a lot of my symptoms were caused by overactive bladder and prescribed Detrusitol. Strangely, since then I have not had any more infections. The MS nurse was not surprised but the urologist did not understand why this should be so. I have had urodynamic testing and it appears that I do not retain any urine so this was not the cause of my UTIs. GP said MS has many effects on the bladder that cause infections. Could you ask your GP to refer you to a urogynaecolgist for investigation into why you get so many UTIs? Do you know where you can get the dip sticks from?


Yes me too. One year I think they registered nealry 12 uti…i nearly went insane. I am like Caro51 i dont have urinary retention but boy my bladder really likes me to suffer lol.

I too take a lose dose antibiotic every night which has cut down the attacks a lot although not always.

My urologist told me to take one high strength cranberry tablet every day, which i do and it really seems to help because when i have forgotten to buy them within a few days the bladder starts to play me up.

Can you buy the dip sticks then, I would love to do that. I have a system with my nurse. If i get the beginnings of what could be a UTI i send a water sample down and she checks it for me. IF there is a UTI brewing then I get a prescription, it really works for me.

Water infections are just the pits. I seem to have had them for years now with no let up.

Ho hum, I went through a spell a few years ago of having back to back UTIs with every ABX under the sun (and one nasty reaction while I was about it).

Having ruled out all sorts of other possible causes, including ISC, it eventually became obvious that the key to avoiding UTIs was, wait for it, to only have sexual intercourse shortly after emptying my bowels.

Unfortunately, the sad truth was discovered after careful observation and I’ve not had a UTI since. How romantic

Lolli xx

Lolli, Does this mean we all need a lot more sex!! - Seems a good idea to me.

Do ask your District Nurse/MS Nurse for some test strips - my nurse gave me a box - and tried to show me how to use them. Also, my GP - lets me have a course of anti-biotics to keep ‘in case’ - as someone has said - lts always weekends and holidays when we need them. l find - that if caught quick enough - l only need two days worth to knock it on the head.

Someone l know with MS- who has Botox injections and has to ISC - gets lots of uti’s. She now finds that the usual AB’s do not work for her and she has been very poorly at times. Serious business - bladder infections. To keep her bladder neutralised she boils a handful of pearl barley in water - and strains it and drinks a small glass full three times a day. This has helped her a lot. l hope it will help any of you with the same problem.

Also, a full - compacted bowel caused by constipation presses onto the bladder - and can hinder the flow - causing retention. And l did read on here last week - that drinking Tonic Water - helps the bladder.


Oh yes, lots more. But only after doing a poo, in my case!

A fascinating fact, especially since quinine can also help with leg spasms.

BUT quinine and optic neuritis don’t mix. Information’s now spread so thinly on t’internet that it’s difficult to find the original source of such advice. I have a feeling that it was noted as a trigger for ON, though that could be misinformation.

Lolli xx

The quinnne and ON - was mentioned last week - and apparently the amount of quinnine in tonic water is so low it does not cause concern. So its POO - SEX - G&T - in that order! Write it on your notice board in the kitchen. [ As l POO about 6 times a day -]


Sat here giggling! So does this mean that you are drunk but skinny after 6 G&T’s, 6 poos and 6 lots of sexercise daily?!!!

Ellie x (who is making do with strawberries and liquorice tea!)

Glad my OH does not read this - He thinks sex is what you fill with compost!! lts his age. See men are at there best in there 20’s and 30’s. Women are always at their best.

Goodness this has turned into a funny thread…oh the joys of MS! Seeing as I go for weeks at a time without doing a poo and have only had sex 4 times in the past 6 months (thats for another thread lol) I don’t think that will work for me! I think I will speak to my doctor about getting referred. I also have to go to the toilet anywhere from 3-6 times a night. I was seen at the urodynamics clinic years ago and nothing was found.

Heya…sorry to hear about teh utis…I have problem too…although since doing ISC through a stoma instead of the usual route…not so many now…am too on profilactci ABs and they help but during day I still get uti symptoms…have been in hospital twice with bad ones…and the last one def started in my kidney not by bladder…

Constipaton does not help…with uti or sex!! lol Bugs can migrate from the bowel to the bladder…esp when constipated…def get refered to see whats causing the problem…

as others say gp nurse can give you the testing strips and urine bottles…

Drink plenty and barley water is ace for neutralising the urine as the bugs dont like that…as is bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp in a glass of water…

also maybe consider aloe vera juice drink as it cleanses the whole body…including the kidneys, gut etc…strengthens immune system.etc…



For a while there - it sounded just like the OLD FORUM - -we used to have lots of giggles - its all got a bit too serious and argumentable lately.

Do hope you get your uti’s sorted out soon.

Things just haven’t been the same since the summer of 05 when they changed the forum, have they? Oh, how I used to love that old forum…


Lolli xx

Thanks everyone.

I rand my MS nurse yesterday and told her whats been happening ie. the UTI’s, going to the toilet between 2-6 times a night and now the severe constipation (have not had a bowel movement in nearly 3 weeks). She has referred me to the bowel and bladder dysfunction clinic for tests. She agreed that it sounded like my bladder was not emptying properly but who knows.

I just know if I get these problems sorted I will feel so much better.

i need to take six movicol each day to keep my bowel moving. I am sure the movicol bloat my stomach but do need them because I once impacted and had to go into hospital. I eat spinach, kale, broccoli in fact lots of fruit and veg but would still impact without the movicol. Does anyone else have this problem and how do they manage it.

Six Movicol a day is way too many. Do you see someone from your local bowel and bladder service? If not, I should think it would be a good idea. But is your GP really prescribing that many Movicol at a time? That has to be a very unhealthy way to live.

I have had severe bowel problems of my own over years. And become impacted at times. But I was using rectal stimulation to have any kind of bowel movement, regardless of diet because my problem was that the sphincters wouldn’t work. Then last year I had a colostomy. I still have my ups and downs with my stoma, but it’s easier than dealing with such severe constipation.