Severe UTI

Mid July I had a severe UTI - the bug was Proteus and Amoxicillin would clear it. Ist 7 day course all went well, 3 days after completing symptoms back. 2nd 7 day course of Amoxicillin all went well. Now on 3rd course, I’ve had 4 days worth GP says finish the course, awake every 2 hours having to wee. Knackered I don’t feel I can contact the GP again.

Any suggestions guys? M

This is a bid random of reply, but it has potential for Iodine to be useful.

I put 5 drops in a pint of water & it’s anti biotic properties could help. No need for a GP, or you could call 101 and ask their advice. Some of them oldies but goldies, make sense in this day & age.


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Hi M

My GP says amoxicillin does no good for a wee infection when I have had one, but I am sorry for the life of me I cannot think of the one he gives me.

May be worry having a word and perhaps try a different antibiotic, but at the same time drink plenty.

Hope you feel better soon.

Pam x

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Your urine sample should go off to the hospitals lab where they isolate the exact bacteria which is infecting your bladder. This then gives them a good idea as to which antibiotic will kill of the bacteria. If the Amoxicillin isn’t working, generally the lab will be able to suggest a different antibiotic. I’m surprised they keep giving you the same drug. It’s clearly not working.

I’d get onto your GPs and ask them to have your wee sample rechecked. If they’ve not already done this and changed your antibiotic, then maybe it’ll have to be Monday.

I do though, like Terrys suggestion that you try iodine in water. You could have a go of that over the weekend and see if it helps. It’s an old fashioned way of treating an infection of the urinary tract. And one that used to work for simple infections. If you can’t get a change of drug today, I’d be tempted to give it a go.



Love you guys, thank you! I will try the iodine, they sent a sample away yesterday. I thought I’d mention to duty Doctor that weeing this frequently through the night was ‘knackering’. She asked how long the night weeing had been going on! That was the damned reason I’d called ‘it was yet another symptom’ made me feel like a bloody idiot. Unfortunately this is the same Doctor that in 2007 missed my MS. I will use Co-codamol for the pain and take the iodine. Cheers guys glad you are there. M xx

I just remembered, it’s potassium iodine that you need. You may still be able to buy it from a chemist (I know I used to about 30 years ago!!) or from a health food shop. Preferably the stuff that you get with a dropper that you just drip about 5 or so drops into a large glass of water (as opposed to some capsules or whatever). I’m not suggesting that this would kill off all type of UTI causing bacteria, but it might just help for a few days, and you never know …



Thanks Sue, none of the chemist had it. I went to Amazon it will arrive today sometime, it is Potassium Iodine and has a dipper! I only had to ‘go’ once during the night I’m taking C-Codamol for the pain, side effect fuzzy head. I’m going to go with it. I much appreciate you input, thank you. M

I hope it helps. Thank Terry for that bit of useful advice, I’d completely forgotten about it and in fact, I think I might get some to keep on hand just in case. Just don’t take it for too long, a few days is fine, but I think you can OD on iodine. It’s more of an emergency treatment while you wait for the lab to grow your bacteria culture.


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You’re right Sue. I’ve already done the research & I’m going to alternate. A week on & a week off.

The test so far is going great. I’m noticing a massive difference in my cognition & overall appearance.


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Cool Sue, many thanks Terry just made my 1st pint with 5 drops. M

They used to add Iodine to bread & milk, many years ago.

Eating seaweed isn’t a common thing either. The body contains quite a lot of Iodine. It’s used to repair cells & brain function. On cuts & grazes, it’s the anti biotic to go to. Human friendly. Especially with most our bodies Iodine being stored in our glands.

The more I’m learning about these salts, is mind blowing.

Breast milk is highest concentrate of Iodine.

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I feel for you, I had a rotten infection a short while ago. The first course didn’t work so I had a 2nd course and they gave me amoxicillin. Ruined a family get together for mine and my lil sister’s birthdays. I just couldn’t hold my bladder, so everything in bag used and clothes borrowed to get home in. Absolute misery!

Hope you’re feeing well now

Sonia x

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Lots of good advice and support here M.

The iodine sounds useful.

Best wishes, Steve

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Hi M,

I am sure all the advice is good but do be careful, I get many urine infections but a couple of years ago I had one and didn’t realise and within a week it had turned into a kidney infection then into septecemia, I was lucky to survive it, an awful lot of people don’t.

I agree with Sue you need to take a sample to be tested at your surgery and then the lab will tell your Dr exactly which antibiotics work, that’s what I have to do every time.

Hope you soon get it sorted and feel better,

Take care of yourself,

love Nina x


Hi did you get the results back you said you sent sample away 17th. I have lots of peeing. One of my first symptoms.

Proteus bacterium is a pain to get rid of as its not a standard bateria for UTI. The antibacterial chosen should reflect current local bacterial sensitivity to antibacterials and amoxicillin maybe not the right choice to attack this particular one.

Sometimes you get rid of the infection but your bladder is just over reactive. I have a neurogenic bladder so i have dip sticks to check when i think i am getting an infection, if its showing something i do a sample then my nurse checks it again. quite often there is nothing. For example last night i was up FOUR times for a pee, and still managed at 6.30 to go again.

I have peed every 15 minutes sometimes when the old bladder is having a funny time lol.

I take high dose cranberry which was recommended to me by my urologist and have cut my UTI right down. I drink lots of fresh water too.

I hope you feel better today. Antibiotics go on working after you stop them as well.

Now also i have one antibiotic ever night as a maintenance dose. I have to say out of all the symptoms of PPMS my bladder is the bloody worse lol…i hate my bladder.

I have never been given amoxicillin for UTI as i am allergic to penicillin. You GP might as well have just given you TRIMETHOPRIM.

Thanks everyone for their advice, it’s the thought of a kidney infection that scares me most! GP does seem to realise how nervous I am about bladder problems. She was quite smug when the sample came back clear! Didn’t explain the abdominal bloating and pain. Rest easy folks I’m fine, my Pharmacist is more sympathetic and wary of further complications. Take care, be safe M xx

Glad you’re feeling better M.

Pam x

Glad you have someone who is prepared to listen, even if it is your pharmacist!

Take care of yourself M,

Nina x