How are you Ssssue?

Best wishes from

us msers

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…and from Ben

….and from John

and from craco

Hello to you lovely people who care, Ok. Ish. I’m still struggling with physiotherapy. Fighting to stand up. But each session I manage to stand up a few times. Then this morning, like a total idiot, I forgot to ask for strong painkillers before the PT session. So it hurt like hell and my hip wouldn’t do what was asked of it. So it’s still hard. Plus today my poxy stoma decided to join in the fun and it’s been working super hard on producing excessive amounts of excrement. So right now, at 10pm, I’m waiting a little while before changing it for the fifth time today. Git. So it’s all fun and games in rehab. I’m still not certain when I’m going home. There’s a bit of me that’s had enough and wants to go home. On the grounds that quite often with MS, we can be knocked off our feet by relapses for some time, but we usually get back on them again. So maybe a couple of weeks strength exercising but not standing (or attempting to) will do it good. Then again I’d have that time if I left here next week anyway - bloody Xmas and all that stuff. So I’m planning on talking to the OT (reminds me of a sweet little kitten, even when she screws with the time of my OT, I think ‘I cant kick the kitten’!) and to my physio (lets call her Miss Whiplash - obvious reasons) about when I could/should go home. I have the doctors agreement to stay another week. In fact the doctor thinks I definitely should stay another week. I just don’t want to. So on the one hand I’m doing well, my wound is looking my less like a shark attack, which I’m secretly sorry about. I think the pain is getting better. My standing is crap. But we have tested out a new hoist for the car - we’d just ordered our new Motability car before the accident - and think it will work, so that’s a bit of a bonus. We have arranged all kinds of stuff for home, from a profiling bed to a straight transfer board - to add to the banana board I already have. So that’s no bad thing. It’ll all be OK. I think. Thank you for caring. Sue xx


Hi Sue x

Its time you came home i think or at least let you out for xmas. Healing is always quicker at home, cant they sent a physio in to your home?

Its been a long road for you hunny. big hugs and a specially big MERRY XMAS to you. xxxx

Hi Sue,

I’ve not been on for a while so didnt even know you had fallen.

When I saw this post I had to search back to find out what the hell had happened.

Hope things start to get better soon.

Kerry (Jactac).

Hi Sue - here’s to a speedy recovery. xx

I haven’t been here much recently, so did not know that you had been in the wars, Ssssue. So sorry to hear it. I hope your recovery goes well.


Blimey Sue, what a rotten time you’re having.

Hope things improve soon


Hi Sue,

We’ve missed you. You’re a fountain of knowledge and miss your informative posts.

Get well soon, we need you at the MS Soc online Christmas party…

Jen xx

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you have my admiration - I’m being investigated for something (nasty) unrelated to m.s. and am mega p***** off - I have enough to put up with m.s. without anything else and I’m furious (not sure who with) and not sure who take my frustration out on! I think what you have to consider is could the services you get in hospital be provided for you at home - if they could then you could be looking to going home. In the meantime hope things continue to improve.

Hey Sue - love from me too. You are an absolute inspiration and have helped me so much. I’m sure you probably won’t - maybe - but don’t forget the painkillers - that’s what they’re there to do. Really hope you get home when you want.


Min xx

Best wishes, hope you’re home soon.

Jan x

The forum isn’t the same without you. Hope you mend soon! Xx

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Here here gingernut, Brainfog thread without Sssue is like cheese without wine, still nice but something (one) important is missing.

The other threads on various forums are also poorer with less wisdom , experience and empathy. I hope you start to feel much better soon.

All the best


My dear lovely friends,

I am on my way. I have secured an early release. I suspect the thought of Mr Sssue mounting a one man assault on the place (ie asking nicely if I can please come home!) frightened them.

So I have had one last physiotherapy session. It was a good session, with just two physios forcing my butt upwards, making sure my right knee stayed in place, the bottom clenched at least every now and then, and Miss Whiplash making all manner of alarming threats should I not try and force everything to work correctly.

The kitten (who has assured me that she’s not as sweet and kittenish as she first appears) has arranged all manner of miracles to happen. The staff here have been lovely (as ever) and I am now just waiting for the pharmacy to release my drugs. Why oxycodone is deemed a controlled drug I have no idea!!!

Once said drugs are in my hands, a wheelchair taxi will be ordered and I shall be homeward bound. Whence my dear friend from Edinburgh is also hurrying. Honestly, while everyone should have a neurological rehabilitation unit available to them, everyone should have a good friend like G and a flaming wonderful husband. Who has himself performed marvels this week. Indeed, the last month. I suspect many people here are rather envious of my Mr Sssue. Sadly cloning of human beings is not yet possible, else I’d be offering up his DNA in a flash.

Given a few days at home, followed by an orthopaedic outpatients appointment on Monday (I think they’ll ask ‘how’s the leg?’ ‘any pain?’ ‘can you walk?’ ‘can you stand?’ The negative answer to all these except the pain question will be answered by ‘good, good, we’ll discharge you then!’) I may well be ready to start answering a few posts. The trouble has been that after a short while, everything gets knackered and I have to fall asleep!

But I’m convinced the old Sssue will return. Soon.

Sue xx


Fingers crossed

So pleased you are homeward bound. Sue x