Our Ssue, SuzyQ

Morning Fellow marauders!

Thinking about my dear pal Sssue…I expect most of you know she is going in the hozzy on Wednesday for a colostomy op.

So I’m sure you will all be behind (no pun intended) me, in wishing her all the best for a speedy recovery. Then once all is well, she and Mr Ssssuuee will be zooming up the motorway to meet and greet yours truly in person! I love that lass!



Nice one Poll,

All the very best wishes to Ssue, I hope that the operation is successful in making life better for her.

When you get together I am sure you will have a great time, there ought to be a word for such a gathering of wit , wisdom & empathy. My suggestion is a phrase " A riot of BoudiSsue"

Have fun


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I like the name…surprised there aren`t more replies in support of one of our best.

Expect they`ll be along later.


Sue – all good wishes for Wednesday


Ohhh, my very best wishes to you Sue, hope all goes well and you’re not feeling too crappy! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)
Big hugs and looking forward to having you back

…‘BoudiSsue’. Love it!

Hope all goes well ssue.

Jen x

Best wishes Ssue for a speedy recovery. We will miss you on here :frowning: x

All the very best Sue for a successful op. X

All the best for a successful op and a speedy recovery.

Pam x

Actually, the only people who knew so far were Poll and Tracey. At least, that it’s this week. But obviously I was going to tell you all so my disappearance from here wasn’t a great big mystery (unlike some people, no names obviously!) and I’ve just told Mr Durer and said I’ll get a note from my Mum.

But thank you lovely Boudica.

And thanks to everyone else who’s left their well wishes. I will share some details of the delightful experience afterwards because it’s one of those things that lots of people wonder about and often people find difficult to discuss. You all know I’m sure that I’ll talk about everything MS related. Embarrassment free zone hereabouts.

Love Sue xx


Great to know all is well Sue.

And no dramatic, attention seeking absences!

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I’m mortified to say that I’ve only just seen this thread.

Needless to say, all my best wishes for your recovery Sue.

(And thanks for letting us know that you’d be AWOL for a while!)


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hi sssue

best of luck with your op on wednesday.

just been to visit my dad and his partner, doreen,who is going for a colostomy on wednesday too.

a bit of a freaky coincidence eh?

it must be the IT procedure for the summer.

carole x

Speedy recovery, think we should send some virtual get well gifts too.

would G &T be out of the question ?

Margaret ( Charlie B )

I am of course in fashion … finally!! It’s only taken 50 years.

A virtual G&T is never out of the question.

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Hope it all goes well and you are back home recovering very soon.

J x

Will send you a bottle, how many tonics ? and would you like a slice of lemon,

maybe we could even find you a dishy butler to serve them.

All virtual requests delivered to your bedside , dishy butler served of course!

What do you desire Sue?


Hi Sue,

With very best good luck wishes for successful op and speedy recovery.

will be thinking of you sending positive karma


Min xx