Been absent due to shoulder surgery....


I’m back. Two weeks ago I had a full shoulder reconstruction done and I am slowly recovering. I had a bad fall before Christmas and dislocated my shoulder and in doing so managed to do an impact fracture of the head of my humerous bone, break the corner of the glenoid bone, tear all the cartilage around the shoulder socket and snap two tendons plus tear all the ligaments and muscles. So the surgeon had to do a lot of filing, screwing, putting anchors and pins in, sewing things back together and rather major repairs in the shoulder. I have to wear a sling for the next six weeks including at night time which straps my elbow to my side and completely immobilises my arm. And of course it would be my right shoulder and I’m right handed.

And now to top it off I have developed an abscess in the side of my boob as my arm is permanently strapped to my side and the chafing caused a sore which then got infected. Life with no working legs and now only one hand is getting increasingly difficult. I am so looking forward to getting my hand back. But thank goodness for dictation software on my computer as at least I am able to post this

So life is more difficult than usual at present. And I am just a wee bit fed up.

OK, whinge over,



Not suprised you are feeling fed up, what a lot to have to deal with all at once. I hope the 6 weeks fly past for you and that the abcess heals quickly. Sending you get well soon thoughts and hugs!

Laura x

How awful for you, I really hope all of that surgery works for you and you will have use of your arm again very soon. As if you haven’t got enough to cope with. Thoughts are with you. Take care Linda x

Oh Belinda! You dont do things by halves, eh?

That shoulder repair sounds horrendous hun.

Yes, it is a good job you can dictate to your pc.

I love the new piccy of the possum…what a cutie!

Sending hugs to you.


luv Pollx

Hey B, Glad that you’ve finally had it done! I hope it is not too painful as you recover but bloody frustrating and annoying to keep it still constantly. Unbelievable that you got an abscess where it kept rubbing - Knopf antibiotics will put paid to that. From here on in your life must start to improve. You’ve had such a tough time recently. Glad you’ve got the dictation software which enables you to communicate effectively. I bet poor L is having to run around for you a lot more than usual and will be glad when you’re back to normal. I hope your recovery is really speedy and that you feel fighting fit soon! Teresa xx

I hope antibiotics - bloody iPad! xx

Thanks everybody. Feeling increasingly poorly due to the abscess. After day four on antibiotics it is actually getting worse so back to the doctors tomorrow


Oh dear B - I hope you get something much stronger to annihilate it! Rest as much as you can! Teresa xx

Welcome back B,

I hope you now have a speedy recovery.

Thank goodness for technology as at least you can still manage through the site to let us know your progress and keep in contact.

:slight_smile: Mary

Oh Belinda you are in the wars!!!

Thinking of you and wishing you well. I don’t know about you but antibiotics always make me feel rotten so on top of everything else you have that too.

Speedy recovery darling,

Pat xxx