been in hospital

Ive been in hosp for a week .Amongst all my symptoms thst ive been having i woke up alot worse on monday .

I went to a&e and was then sent straight to hurstwood park hosp.

My left arm was really hurting and aching .They did another mri on my prolapsed disc in my neck ,they then tol me i needed surgery .

I had a acdf (anterior cervical discectomy & fusion) basically they went in through the front of my neck ,disc removed and a cage put in its place .Operation took 4 hours .The left arm pain went immediatly which was great .I came home yesterday .

I was hoping (and still am )that it might of been the cause of some of my other symptoms ,but ill give it time and see .

Hope your all coping ok

Sam xx

Hi Sam

Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell and in hospital. Will keep my fingers crossed that the surgery solves all your symptoms and it’s the answer to all the problems you’ve been having.

Rest up and keep us updated on your progress.




Sorry that you had to have an op and spend time in hospital but as Reemz says, hopefully it will sort out a lot of your symptoms. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Teresa xx

That must have been really scary! I’m glad they did something immediately and I really hope that it cures everything! Fingers and toes crossed :slight_smile:

Karen x

sorry you’ve been in hospital (((big hugs))), hope it does sort everything out for you! xx

I hope you are recovering well from the surgery x

Thanks everyone .Im recovering well and enjoying being waited on lol

Sam xx