ive been to hospital

Well ill try and write a quick version.

A doctor rang me later on yesterday .He had my mri report through and wanted me to go straight to a&e.He said the results show a large central and paracentral disc prolapse at c5/6 causing cord compression .urgent neurosurgical opinion advised.

To cut a long story short, i had a full neuro exam and as most of my symptoms are on my right side and not the left side, where the prolapsed disc is pressing ,then he thinks i need further neuro evaluation as he thinks i have two things going on .

The neurosurgen said that all my symptoms were not caused by the disc so does not need to see me urgently .The doctor at the hosp said its not his place to diagnose ms so wants me to see neuro as soon as possible.

I thought i was finally getting somewhere and that it might not actually be ms but once again now waiting to see neuro .

The good thing is my brain scan showed nothing :slight_smile: and i assume there were no lesions as no one said anything .

So off i go today to the doctors again to try and see if she can get me an earlier neuro appointment.

Sam x

Oh Sam what a mixture of news. You could have done without the prolapsed disc and more uncertainty but on the plus side (I always try to find one if I can…) hopefully the news from the hospital will prompt your GP to push for a neuro appt asap and not dillydally.

Debbie xx

Thanks Debbie ,Surely it would be really bad luck to have a prolapsed disc ,but it not be the cause of my symptoms and have ms as well .

My neuro is away for 3 weeks so im going to see if she can find me one somewhere else to see sooner .

Is a prolapsed disc a lesion ? i thought not .On the letter i have here for my doc it says ,i do not think that the symptoms are explained by the c56 lesion.

Sam x

No, a slipped disc can happen to anyone and it can cause numbness, tingling etc. I’m pretty sure it’s only in extreme cases that an op is necessary, other than that exercise and physio is normally recommended which your GP could arrange for you in the meantime.

I know your GP probably has the same letter on file but take a copy of yours with you just in case!

…it never rains but…

Good luck today

Debbie xx

Lesion actually just means damage. MSers use it as an abbreviation for things like “foci of demyelination” (and other nasty terms)!

I hope they can work out what’s going on soon for you.


Went to docs.She is refering me to a neuro surgeon and getting me an app with my neurologist for as soon as he is back .

She said any pain in my neck i have to go straight to a&e.She was suprised that i was sent home .

Im so fed up with doctors ,hosp app etc as im sure many of you are .

Im left wondering if all my symptoms are related to the disc prolapse or not ?

Sam x

aww sam what a day you have had. I had smillar probs two yrs ago…and a scan showed prolapsed disc at C4/C5 although stable it didn’t explain all my symptoms … and yet the radiographer report said it did but the ohysio consuktant disagreed as no nerve root involvement…glad you are seeing neuro nada neurosurgeon as they both need to be in on this…am surprised too that they sent you home… a disc lesion is not the same as a spinal cord lesion…that’s all I can work out…lol hang in there and do hope you get to see the consultants soon…x

Thanks :slight_smile: What did they do about your disc ? Have you been diagnosed with ms now ? From Sam x

My ex husband has a few slipped discs but his main problems were with the L5 disc and he actually had this replaced with a titanium disc. 6 hour op, went in through the stomache. His scar looks like a caesarian scar.

He had previously had many epidurals, TENS machine, LP, and something else, can’t remember the name, and lots of pain meds. Sciatica for him was awful and I would have to help him dress (socks and shoes mainly) and help him out of bed. Also had to massage his back and often ‘pop’ his discs back in, just so he could get out of bed. Was an awful time. The sciatica would give him terrible pain in his legs, shooting pains, numbness, electric shock pains, pins and needles, spasms and muscles cramps and dystonic-type muscle contortions.

He has very few problems now as long as he takes it easy and doesn’t overexert himself. He has a habit (typical bloke) of lifting heav y objects though, thinking he will be fine… until his back tells him off.

HiSam…am not dx with anything but have asked for a review after 19 yrs …and my gp and physio thought I had rotaor cuff inmingement so have had physio and steroid injections into shoukder…with. No or little affect…this all started 3 wks after ON in left eye and I always saw them as two sep incidents. been reviewed by a neuro beg June…he’s still deliberating…the neurosurgeon I saw 3 wks ago and my arm shoulder and hand is worse…weakness is worse and pain and some weakness bowing right arm…and am struggling to use my manual wheelchair…sorry to go in just trying to fill you in…last thurs I saw the orthopedic consultant…had X-rays done of shoulder…they don’t think it is rotator cuff problem and could be my neck or my brain. Mt brain scan in feb was before the shoulder prob started and they think I should have my neck MRI done and my brain and so far neuros have only ordered MRI of thorasic and lumbar spine as they suspect tethered cord which became symptomatic after an accident in 1994, 1997 and 1998 all of which will have done my neck no good at All…so it’s back in the lap of the neuros and although I discussed my shoulder neck with them they never actually examined me…but the ortho did and he feels itsa neurosurgeon thing …so he’s writing to them to insist they see me again soon as and not just write to me after the MRI …phoned MRI today and it’s unllikely I’ll get the MRI before August…!!! how am I supposed to manage? re my disc…in 2010 the o consultant said there is no nerve root involvement, and the disc is buldging at the back and in the middle…that said I was in allot of pain and tingling, pins and needles into arms and finger…restricted movement…and vertigo big time…which still persists… ortho was basically saying the ON and shoulder/ arm could well be connected… since the ON I have had has oscillopsia in both eyes, dry eyes, light sensitivity prob due to the dry eyes although surface of eye is good now if I continue with the drops.still recovering from ON and truthfully have not felty right since the jan… I think if they are going to do this review justice then they need to look at everything …otherwise what’s the point… like your may have more than one thing going on but all I know last few months my symptoms have got worse…in. ith legs too… and when I saw the neuros I couldn’t freehweel myself far at all…it’s got worse since…so unless I get to see the neurosurgeon soon he’s the only one who can change the urgency of the MRI…not my gp or anyone else…it’s causing me probs generally lack of strength and pain is at front of shoulder…top of bicep…and sharp pain at shoulder blade and up to neck…tingling in left arm and hand, across top of thorasic spine and ao to the right side… most disc prolapses have symptoms on one side but you can have both…my neck is tender and stiff also…limited movement…muscle fatigue etc…my disc prolapse wasn’t considered bad enough to warrant surgery and physio was very difficult because the exercises brought in the vertigo…so was going round in circles at present when the pain is bad it makes me feel sick., really hope you get to see the neurosurgeon as soon as if the neuro is away…and they gp an give you some ideas as to what is causing what…and it may be that the disc prolapse is not the only culprit…so do let us know how you get on… hugs em lol hope this put you in the picture

Thankyou for sharing with me :slight_smile:

I saw the neurosugeon yesterday .His conclusion was my symptoms are not related to my slipped disc as they are on the wrong side .He kept mentioning ms and that he cant diagnose etc .So back to neurologist next thurs .Ive really had enough of all these appointments .I just think how am i supposed to carry on like i am for another 9 days :frowning: its really getting me down now.

For the past few days ive had such a sharp pain that shoots down my left leg .It makes my leg collapse and i scream out (normally not the nicest of language! )Its such an intense pain .

Sam x

Hey Sam x

Just read your other post & comment on mine xx

I’m in a similar position to you and Em x I have visual & spinal problems too - Glaucoma - disc prolapses - & an enlarged pituitary - all adding to the overall confusion methinks!!!

With all these appointments, tests and the dreaded waiting around for EVERYTHING!! - It’s so frustrating to not get any definite answers - to feel like you are being passed from pillar to post - and the worst for me is that I don’t feel like anyone is really interested in going the extra mile & getting to the bottom of it!

Apart from me & my GP that is!

But at least you are being seen - I keep telling myself that! xx

I know it’s hard but hang in there - you are sooooo not alone!!! xxxjenxxxxx

Thanks Jen xx

Wow, you guys all seem to know all the proper language. All they said to me was about inflammation and lesions and that they are on my spinal cord. My brain scans have always been clear too Sam. However, I’ve always had inflammation showing up on my spinal cord and it still took them 6 years to diagnose since my first MRI! Thankfully still nothing on the brain, just my spinal cord seems to have gotten worse on the scans… Is it worth them doing other tests? Perhaps ask for a Visual Evoked Potential when you see the neuro? X

Hi sam I have never posted on a site before, but after reading your first post, I felt we had some similarities. I too was diagnosed with and l5 s1 prolapse over a year ago and seen a nurosurgoen who believes my symptoms are not just disc related but also a nurlogical problem. I then saw a neurologist and had a full brain and spine scan. They have not diagnosed ms but have referred me to a pain specialist. I drop things unexpectantly, have burning sensations in front of my both legs and forearms and hands. I mostly wake up on night with dead arms or hands. I aslo experience extreme fatigue and have had episodes of vertigo, hot feet, and double vision over the last 10 years. I am now do not know where to turn as I initially thought I just had a disc problem! Anyone else with the same issues? Rebecca

Hi i am new to this site and was wondering is a protruding disc in the neck part of ms? Would be greatful of replies,thanku xx

Hi Lulu,

No, but could cause similar symptoms, depending whether it was pressing on the spinal cord or not. A disc that is protruding enough to interfere with the spinal cord could cause symptoms from that point down (but never upwards).

P.S. I am guessing you did not know how to do it, but you might get more replies if you post it as a new topic, instead of on the end of a long and old one from 2012.

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Hope this helps!