happy sunday everyone

hi everyone, have had a great week. blood pressure tablets have been sorted so that i no longer have excrutiating muscle cramps. am able to transfer to my wheelchair and use new shower instead of a bowl on a chair. hubby is ready to move chair from shower and throw towel to me when i have luxuriated long enough and got rid of hair shampoo from my eyes. teeth brushing at sink and going to the loo - what bliss. and to top it all i canleave the confines of the house via a brilliant ramp outside the back door. all thanks to lovely builders. enjoy your day everyone

Happy Sunday indeed! Delighted that all going so well…enjoy the shower Julia x

What a lovely post - gives out really positive vibes!!!

Isn’t it great when things are going in the right direction…


Sounds fantastic, a lovely positive post. Happy Sunday to you too. Cheryl:-)

Great stuff and the sun is shining…

Yaroooh…keep on the upward curve and enjoy your day.

Isnt it good you can now do things which others take for granted and your feeling great about it.

Im so pleased for you, a very Happy Sunday to you too, youve made me smile (:o)

Luv bren