what a morning!!! (not totally ms)

Well its not even 10.30 and so far I’ve had to go upstairs to the flat above and tell them that their shower is leaking into my flat. booked tickets for the invuctus games, but no one to go with me yet lol. And I cried on the doctor, that was related to my ms. Not looking forward to my shift at work!!

oh well, look at it that you’ve got todays cr*p out of the way and nothing else can go wrong!

very important to believe that NOTHING ELSE CAN GO WRONG!!!

enjoy the rest of the day

carole x

Sorry about the leaking from above but great news about the tickets

Blow your nose woman and have a good shift…you are wonderful!!!


Thank you. I got myself in a tiswas when I got to work, so day didn’t get much better.

…2moro is another day

Sorry to hear that Minnie. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Here is some more ((((((hugs)))))) Xx

Thanks blossom :slight_smile: was just thinking about messaging you

I’m still up

well ladies, I know it’s late but when I was reading your posts kept missing the F in shifts!

Freckles xxxxx

Freckles!! what yah like…that’s just given me a good laugh :smiley: Xx

I thought I might of missed the F out then, I had to double check lol

But hey shifts and s#i*$ are the same thing at work lol