A little lost


I’m new to this and looking for a little advice…

I’m waiting for diagnosis of ms (my consultant is on holiday so have 5 weeks to wait before I see them) and was wondering if there were any exercises I could do in the mean time. My symptoms mostly affect my legs from the knees down and constant pins and needles in my feet.

Until 8 months ago I walked roughly 10 miles daily but I now have problems bearing weight on my legs and am very conscious that my muscles are hardly being used.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you

Hi Even without a diagnosis your GP could refer you to a physiotherapis to assess your mobility etc and give you some gentle exercises to follow. Some physics won’t. Without a diagnosis and some will luck of the draw I’m afraid. Keep as active as you can to prevent muscle wastage. Take care

These are quite good and should get you started. Best to stick within your comfort zone though.




My GP is also on holiday for 3 weeks so am kinda stuck at the minute. I try to go for a small walk everyday if I can and do some gentle stretching. I suppose thats all I can do for now until I have more info. Thank you for you reply.


Thanks so much for the links. I’ve been trawling the web for info…its exhausting

Gently, gently treat yourself carefullydon’t run before you can walk!!!You want to know everything and do everything you can to help yourself but gently gently we are quite robust/cheeky/and informal take care, M

Awww thank you M Robust/cheeky and informal sounds good to me. Still trying to get my head around everything. My consultant has told me its PPMS even though he hasn’t given me a diagnosis yet (he wanted more tests done first). I have just had results for evoked response which has shown demyelination in my left eye. So am keeping everything crossed that with those results along with my mri results my consultant will make the decision.

Thank you all for your replies, they are all much appreciated.

Oonagh X

Delphinoon and welcome to the board!

Can only agree with all the great advice above. Take everything gently but try and walk a bit every day. I know it’s hard sometimes but you have to try and keep those muscles going. Even if it’s only a short walk it still will be helpful.

Hope you get some answers very soon,

Pat x

Hi Pat

Sometimes I can’t go out as balance is quite bad but I have an upside down house (not in the untidy sense ), so I do have to go up and down the stairs quite a few times a day. I live in the lakes and have a view of fells from my living room, its a beautiful view tinged with sadness as that’s where I spent most of my time before this.

Anyway, moan over. So glad I found this place. I feel very welcome.

Oonagh X

Hi O, Id like to welcome you to the site as well.

I know these times are very worrying for you. And with both your neuro and GP away (have they gone off together!) you are playing the waiting game.

You have a good mindset, which tells you to try to keep active. the old adage comes to mind;

use it, or lose it

That is very true, as I have found out to my cost.

Hang in there, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

LOL to the neuro/gp comment. Feels like they have. Just bad timing I guess. Probably should have introduced myself a bit better when I joined this forum. Not quite sure of protocol? So here goes (appologies if I should have started a new thread:

My symptoms (that I know of) started in June 2010. I was on holiday and 2 days in I got cramp in my left toes. This disappeared after a couple of days. A few weeks later my left foot started tingling and this went on for quite a few months. Then my right foot started. After that I basically had pins and needles in both feet but nothing else. At the beginning of this year my legs started to feel heavy and painfull (btw, throughout all of this I just ignored it) In February I was walking to work and tripped and fell onto the road…that was my wake up call. Cue GP/neuro appointments. I have got rapidly worse since February and have been on sick leave since June. The rest is, as they say, history.

I feel that when I eventually have my diagnosis I can then start to slowly move forward…so fed up with being in limbo.

Thanks for listening all

From a down to earth Geordie girl living in the lakes.


A hard time for you hon but you have a good attitude. Hang out on here for support.

Lol… Poll that did make me laugh!

Pat x

Hi Oonagh Welcome to the board. Is that an Irish name for a Geordie? Interesting mixture! Hope you soon get some answers when the neuro and the GP return. Unfortunately the wheels grind fairly slowly on the road to diagnosis! Stay in touch. Teresa xx

Hi Pat and Teresa (haven’t sussed how to reply to individual messages?),

Will definitely hang out here, I feel very comforted.

My name is indeed Irish Teresa, courtesy of my mammmy’s irish family (translates to ‘first born’ which I was )

The wheels do indeed grind slowly and I feel for everyone after reading so many posts about how long people have had to wait.

Take care of yourselves



Hi Oonagh

Just wanted to say welcome to “our gang” where you can find

lots of useful information, but there is usually someone around if

you need to have a moan, laugh, share a joke or whatever.

Hang in there until your medics return from their jollies.

Pam x

Hi Pam,

Thank you for the welcome .

I’ve been reading a lot of threads about the types of medication people take so am hoping something can be prescribed for me to help wih the pain and pins and needles etc. Absolutely exhausted! Oh, and if I have to watch one more holiday/antique/food/renovation programme…