Physio exercises

I am having physio with a lady who I though had specialised in neuro…however I’m not sure she does because of a few things. I posted about them a few weeks ago. But this week she changed my exercises slightly…the same but with my eyes closed :-0 now you can imagine that sight , stood on one leg with my eyes closed…with the good leg and by that I mean perfect I manage a few seconds, with the bad leg I manage a millisecond. Sure that cannot be a proper exercise. Apparently she said its to make my brain think and react better and work the left side or something along them lines? X

Blumming ummer I can’t even stand on two legs with my eyes shut!! Starting my Neuro physio next month, just hope I frame better than last time - kept falling after doing the exercises, at one point I looked like a battered wife lol Sue x

Oh dear Sue, I wish you well with that but don’t let her tell you to close your eyes. It’s damn impossible and I don’t even think it would be possible if my legs were fine. Jeez I’ve tried and tried but I just wobble a lot and it doesn’t feel very good for any leg. :-0 x

Lisa I don’t get why she would get you to close your eyes!! I get dissorianted even if it’s dark :frowning: Good luck with your physio though Sue x

Luckily I’m seeing an NHS physio in a couple of weeks who is a neuro physio…I was just paying private for a bit due to the waiting list. Annoyed as my left leg is not as good following this recent relapse, first one that’s left me with problems. Changing my life …may need a stick for longer distances and considering a blue badge application? Although slightly in denial hoping it’ll improve with physio, exercise etc. time will tell eh? X

Really get the denial took my 17 1/2 yrs to get my head around it and still struggle sometimes :frowning: You get to listen to what your body is telling you and adjust your life according to that, hard as it is. I’m SP so no dmd’s for me just a tired weary not very functional body at the moment, but hey ho I’m still breathing :slight_smile: lol Sue x

Hi lisalou - yes that is a neuro physio exercise its one that my neuro physio had also given to me in the past - it helps the brain to try and retrain through different pathways and to adjust to different circumstance - the more you do it the easier it gets

Blimey I do.hope so. Ive been trying just to see if its possible. My three year old joins in too so thinks its a very funny exercise x

Hi LisaLou,

I saw a NHS neuro physio at my local hospital last year when I was experiencing alot of stiffness in my legs. She was great and gave me exercises to help with the stiffness but also she assessed my balance which wasn’t too great at that time too. One of the exercises I had to do was standing on one leg and she timed how long I could manage with eyes open. I then had to repeat with eyes shut and then repeat with other leg etc… With practise I improved although the eyes shut exercise was difficult,even people without balance probs find it hard. So this sort of exercise is recommended by neuro physios. I also had to use The Wii Fit and Wii board to practise some of the balance games on that-made doing the exercises at home more enjoyable.



As Cathy & Katrina have said, this is a normal exercise to have. My NHS neuro physio would do it with me and I always found it really tough to do. I never thought to ask about what the point of it was - I just assumed it was to help to get my legs more aware of what they were doing so they could make the subtle adjustments needed in standing, rather than relying on my sight to tell them what they needed to do.

Hope the exercises are doing their job.


I will keep at it. Hopefully it’ll be worth it x

Just tried this, I’m waiting to see s physio but just wobble with eyes closed. Will keep practicing this to see if it gets any better. Keep us updated on how you go x

I will do… Good luck with yours. I can just picture us all practicing this. They should develop an exercise class of these exercises :wink: x

This is one of the exercises my physio has got me doing too. Thankfully I haven’t been asked to do it with my eyes shut yet as that sounds far too difficult!!!

Yep me too and I was and still am hopeless at it.

Wait till they tell you to stand on your heels without holding onto anything----that is hilarious. Your littleun might be able to do that though.


Hi Lisalou

I started Physio last week. One of the exercises is standing with feet together with eyes closed. If possible have somebody standing next to you who can catch you if you loose balance, or hold on to something at the beginning.Maybe is better if you stand on one leg to have your eyes open at first anyway. Keep going! Good luck


Woohoo managed 20 secs on good leg with eyes closed and 10 secs on bad leg …the bad leg I counted very fast though :wink: