Neuro Physio

Some good news - I got a phone call from the neuro physio at the hospital today. I’ve been put on the weekly exercise

programme starting next Friday. An hour a week for 8 weeks - will be fighting fit by Christmas! Going to be 7 of us doing

various exercises. Told her I work on a Friday morning which involves walking so don’t know how I’ll be in the afternoon - will be good at sitting exercises , ha! Looking forward to it. Better look out my leotard and leg warmers.

Thanks to new neuro who is getting things moving in my area.

Anyone else done anything like this? Jen x

Yes I have been on a similar programme.

It was at these sessions I discovered I was better walking backwards and was overtaken on my LAP round the hospital by a very elderly and frail lady.

On several occasions I got home and slept for hours,so I would advise being prepared for not being expected to cook tea or kid related stuff incase you are floored.

It became quite a social gathering…I fear in my case I didn’t see any real benefit but I did learn some more effective stretches for my legs,which is always good news.

Have fun


Thanks for the tip - casserole, baked potatoes and rice pudding on pre set oven on a Friday then!

i haven’t had group physio just individual sessions.

but the neuro physios ran a hydrotherapy course earlier this year and it was great.

enjoy the stretches

carole x

I learnt some great stretches for my balance when i saw the physio, and yes the first time i attended i was absolutely shattered. Im still doing them, and my balance is a little better.So good luck x

Hi ya

I’m all for this as well. Several months of one to one sessions this year.

Saying that, though, I did cancel today’s appointment as I am pooped from everything! My latest neurophysio is a bit of a task master. All she needs is a whip!!! With me bleating “I can’t,” all the time!

Marty - The slave, LOL!