Walking re-training ?

Hi all , I was diagnosed with R&R ms last oct and since then i have started going to gym and what this has high lighted is how much of a difference in strength and elasticity there is between my left ( good) and right ( bad ) Has anyone here had instruction on how to walk normally again ? Are there walking coaches ??

Hi Colum, If you have a MS nurse they could refer you to a physio who may be able to help you. It may be the remains of a relapse which hopefully will right it’s self. Best wishes Janet x


When asking for a physio, try to get one who specialises in neurological conditions. They’ll definitely be able to help, and give you exercises to help build your strength up & correct any problems. Whenever I have physio my walkikng always improves. And make sure you do your exercises at home too, as this will help. A lot of the exercises will be based on Pilates ones, so going to a Pilates class should help too, as Pilates is designed to build up your core strength.

Good luck!



I’ve recently been seeing a neuro physio in Southampton who was brilliant. Helped me with my core to get me more stable with my walking as it was pretty dodgey before hand. Also gave me help with relaxation techniques to help me. It was all gentle excersises which was good cos it didn’t knacker me out. Definitely get your nurse to refer you :slight_smile:

I would highly recommend a neuro physiotherapist, do you have a local MS therapy centre? Given up waiting for contact from the NHS physio team so yesterday I visited the Berkshire centre in Reading and learnt which leg muscles my MS is effecting the most a how to excerise them at home etc. Good luck Paul

Hi Colum!

Having experienced the exact same problems myself, I know from my own personal journey that walking can improve over time.

My major relapse in June 2013 resulted in partial paralysis of my left side. My left side was badly affected- it was the relapse that saw me diagnosed with RRMS. This hit me like a freight train.

Long distance running is my life, so obviously, my legs are very important to me. The thought that I would be unable to continue ‘doin my thing’ filled me with horror.

Getting back on my feet and both walking and running were my ultimate mission.

As soon as I was able, I ventured back to the Gym. I couldn’t use the Treadmill because I could hardly walk. Instead, I spent my sessions using the Exercise Bike and Rowing Machine; doing whatever I could manage, but taking it very steadily. Beginner stuff really! When at home, I concentrated on stretching. I have several books on techniques and which muscle groups I needed to focus on. I performed these stretches religiously.

Gradually over time, my leg became stronger and I was able to push myself that little bit further. I progressed to using the Leg Press and the other leg machines.

Long story short, I am now running as well as I was pre-MS. In fact, I feel that I run far better than I walk, although my husband says, " Trust me, you’re walking looks normal!"

I continue to work hard; keeping my body strong.

Remember, for those of us who have experienced these symptoms of MS, it can be like having suffered a Stroke.

The following weblink is very good and is offered by the National Stroke Association. The exercises are equally appropriate to those of us who have been affected by MS this way.

Good luck. Hope things improve for you soon.


Thank you everyone