Mobility Problems

I was diagnosed with RRMS in March last year.

For the first 12 months after diagnosist my symtoms were fairly mild and didn’t really get any worse.

For the last couple of months my walking has deteriated. I have to walk very slowly and stumble a bit. I am a keen golfer but for the last month I have only been able to play nine holes and even that is a struggle.

Do you think that this is a bit of a relapse and my walking could eventually improve or is this the start of my mobility problems and things will only get worse?

It sounds like a relapse which hopefully will pass, have you been given steroids?

Hi, Yes it could be a relapse, has this been going on for over 24 hours’? I would suggest you have a word with your MS nurse. Do you use a stick or anything else? If for any reason you haven’t got a MS nurse have a word with your doc’. Hope it improves for you quickly Janet x


I just wanted to add, I think seeing a physio who specialised in neurological conditions could be a good idea. They’ll be able to help with things like balance & walking, and making the best use of the strength that you have. Whenever I’ve had a relapse I’ve seen one as well as getting steroids, and I think it really helps. I try & do some of the exercises from it every day at home, and I’ll be a bit better on my feet afterwards.

If you’re unable to be referred to one, you could try a beginners Pilates class. All the exercises I do with the physio are based on Pilates, which is designed to improve core stability.

Hope that helps.


My walking has been poor for the last six weeks. I did have a course of steroids last summer which improved my mobility at the time. There were some unpleasant side effects with the steriods but I would put up with that if they improved my walking again. I will contact my MS nurse tomorrow for advice.


whilst you are contacting your ms nurse, ask her/him to refer you to a neuro physiotherapist

carole x