Strange symptom

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar symptom! months back I started getting a strange drunk like feeling when moving quickly (especially at night) almost as if I’ve had a couple of glasses and it hits me suddenly and only for a few seconds. it makes me feel almost warm and tingly in my stomach and I cant really put my finger on what triggers it! As I said I think moving quickly is a factor but I can’t bring on the feeling myself by just moving quickly… It seemed to disappear until recently it started again but not as much! I haven’t been able to come across anything on the net so far!

A dip in blood pressure perhaps. Jan x

i agree with jan

i have low blood pressure which resulted to me regaining consciousness as paramedics were talking to me.

nasty gash on my scalp which needed stitches - owwwch!

I’ve not thought of that! Might discuss with my dr!