Feel a little tipsy??

Hi Everyone

I am fairly new to the MS dx, only found out in Jan this year and just wanted a bit of advice if possible.

For the last few weeks my head has felt a little bit weird. The best way I can describe it is like I have had a few alcoholic drinks and I feel a bit fuzzy and also slightly like I may pass out but know that I won’t.

Not sure if this is part of MS or maybe me coming down with something. This feeling is not present all the time. It seems to come and go throughout the day.

Any feedback is gratefully received.

Lainey x

Hi, welcome to the forum, albeit through a not so nice diagnosis.

Many folk do say they feel fuzzy headed with MS.

But just wanted to say, not everything is down to MS, so do be careful about thinking it might be.

have you had your BP checked lately?

Perhaps a visit to your GP is wise, eh?

luv Pollx

i get what you describe,i feel p****d most of the time, these days,i also feel like i am going to pass out,but never do,and mines my ms,that causes it.

jaki xx

Hi Poll

My blood pressure is normal I did have that checked a few weeks ago though. To be honest I am trying my hardest not to think everything is MS, seems to proving difficult though at the moment but early days.

Hi Jaki

It would be great if there was a reason for the feeling and I had been drinking!!!