Is this my MS? new (for me) symptom

Hi everyone.

i have been feeling really light headed for the past few weeks. Not dizzy, not room spinning, no worse when I am standing sitting lying down etc. Just this constant fog (sorry I can’t really explain it too well).

my attacks are usually mobility related (legs go woozy and weak) and burning in hands and feet, so this is new to me. None ne of my regular symptoms just this ever present light headedness.

Anyone else get this as part of their MS? If so, any useful tips in describing it to my doctor? Any medications that have helped? Any physio people have found useful? It is driving me bananas!

thanks for any replies, as always,

j x

J are you hydrated enough as I get woozie if not taking on enough fluids?


Hi Don,

I think so. I am pretty careful with my diet. And it has just been persistant-- doesn’t seem to change much over course of day or based on what I’m doing. I’m at a loss and so very frustrated :frowning:

Still, I will potter off and have a drink to double check.