Dizzy when laying down

Hi all

I started to feel a little dizzy a few days ago.

It many happens when I am laying down and turn my head to a certain angle.

I thought it was my ears to be honest had problems in the past.

But ears are totally clear.

Anybody else had this?

It is a lot better now than a few days ago

Yes, I remember the spinning room whilst lying flat, I experienced that 20+ years ago; the neurologist said it’s likely I had lesions on my brain stem --it got better and the room stopped spinning eventually.

Hi I do have a lesion in my brain stem. It is causing the changed sensation to face. Could it be the same lesion causing this problem? Or would it be a new lesion or this one grown?

Not sure if a lesion can cause different problems?

I get this from time to time. Lasts a few days then goes away like so many MS background symptoms. It’s weird that feeling of falling when you’re lying down! I think it is caused by the big lesion I have in my neck.

See your GP or MS Nurse if it lasts a long time as some steroids might help.