New Symptom

So these past couple of weeks I appear to have gained a new symptom. At random times my head has a funny twinge in it, my vision doesn’t change but it feels a bit like vertigo or sickness. It happens quite reguarly about 10+ times a day for a couple of seconds I feel like I should be dizzy but I don’t notice any change in my vision.

Anybody else get this or know what it is?


although im back in limbo i do have odd sensations in my head but there more a sort of feeling of “oh im going to faint” but dont, they only last a few seconds like yours but they definitely feel like there is a strange thing going on with my brain.

anyway i just wanted to stop you from dropping off the page.

best wishes

mandy xxx

hello sorry your getting this hope its manageable for you.

i do get this quite aLOt it can be a wee bit scarey/annoying but i guess its a neuro thing going going on?

hope you get your thing sortyed.

love moo

Hi, I get this also, in fact today is one of those days. It’s just one of the many symptoms of MS. I once was walking along and careered off and nearly went in to wall (lucky it wasn’t the road). I also just had a touch of Trigeminal Neuralgia, toothache and my face hurt to touch. I also had the electric shock in my face. My Dr gave me Gabapentin which seemed to do the trick.

Hope your symptoms pass quickly


I get episodes of it over and around my eye. Some days it happens frequently, other times I forget about it until the stab comes back. No change to vision or anything. More things to remind us of the MonSter MiSbehaving.

Thanks for the replies, it isn’t painful thankfully, it just feels very strange like I am going to feint/black out but just as it starts to build up it goes away again. Had it now every day for about 10-14 days.

i get that feeling of thinking i’m going to faint too. like you it doesn’t last long but it does stop me from socialising, scared of fainting when i’m out.

Don’t assume its MS - I did and was wrong… I had (a) crystal(s) in my inner ear - it only happened when I moved my head in a particular direction - it also turned out to be only in my right ear - the doctor performed something called the epli manuover to get the crystal(s) back where they should be - but unfortunately they moved into a different part of the inner ear - I am still going dizzy/faint but the movements that cause it have changed direction! I am scheduled to have the epli done again - it did prove that the suggested problem was likely to be the cause - and I feel better knowing it is unlikely to be MS related and the dizzyness is likely to be cured (permanently?)


Hi FrostPaw

I was really interested to see your post as I had the exact same thing happen to me in 2003. When it first started I immediately went extremely dizzy for about 10 minutes then stopped. It gradually faded over a month and in the end was just the twingey feeling. As soon as I felt it I learned to keep my head absolutely still and I don’t go dizzy anymore. I do sometimes get a very odd feeling where I have a ‘feeling’ that even though I am sitting absolutely still everything appears to shoot from side to side. Don’t know what it is and I am still in limbo but I thought I would share my experience and say that you are not alone.

All the best