Weird sensation

Morning all I had the weirdest sensation the other day whilst I was out shopping with a friend. It was like the ground moved & a tremor from an earthquake. I looked around & every1 else was carrying on like normal. I have heard that this can happen with MS but wanted to know if any1 else had experienced this & what causes it as I have only felt it that 1 time so all new to me? Charlotte xx

Yep I’ve had it loads often lying in bed it feels like the bed is shaking and has woken me up on occasion, happened lying on a sun lounger abroad and a couple of times walking in the street. No idea on cause I’m in limbo at mo A

Hi, I get it too. Think it might be to do with altered sensations with nerve damage. if you see your GP or neuro, mention it to them.


And me. I was in m and s and thought the building was coming down! It was most odd cause definitely felt like it was the ground not me.