Do you ever feel like your whole body is pulsating?

Hi all, do you ever get that?

I get it quite a bit… like there is a pulse very strongly throughout my whole body… it’s so strong that it feels like an external force. Like my bed is actually moving… or like there’s a small earthquake (I used to live in San Francisco so that’s not as crazy as it sounds).

I did of course ask Dr Google (I know I know… ) and did get a link where a doctor said it could be a sign of MS… SO my question is… anyone else???

Pat xx

Hi Pat

Not sure if it is the same, but when I am in bed, it feels like the bed is moving where I get a vibration feeling all over my body, same sort of feeling you get when your phone vibrates in your pocket.

I find it really annoying, what with that and the pain, burning, and the rest, it stops me from sleeping, and morning appears and I feel like a wet weekend in Weston.

Trouble is if I increase the Ami,next day I have what feels like a head full of cotton wool, so I can’t win.

Another thing I notice is, although I am on a profiling bed with my head and feet end raised, in the dark, I feel as though I am led completely flat, which couldn’t be further from the truth!! All very weird.

Shall follow any comments with interest. Hope you are doing OK and wondered if you have heard anything about a transfer?

Pam x

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Hi Pam, nice to hear from you.

Yes it is the vibration feeling that I have in my legs… but sometimes spreads to whole body… and then it feels like it’s pulsating as well.


Those vibrations… I’ve had them since before dx… have you? Actually before dx I was mis-dx with ME and I did a google search on ‘buzzing in legs’ and got loads of MS links. As soon as I read some of them I knew I had MS.

But it’s much stronger now and often all over my body. Horrid isn’t it.

Yep, be interesting to see how many others get it.

Hope you’re doing well… glad to see in other post that you’re also having a small Xmas. Have to admit that the thing I’m looking forward to most is a feature length episode of Downton on Xmas night!!!

Love Pat xx

Hi Pat

Yes they are horrible, you have my sympathy, but I don’t recall before DX, although such a long time ago, I may have done, my memory is c**p.

I so agree the best thing will be Downtown, I am also looking forward to Broad church which starts again in January, thoroughly enjoyed that last time.

Damp and soooo cold here today, stay warm and well.

Pam x

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I am not that keen on christmas,never been a big fan of it,our trees and lights are up and it looks so christmassy ,looking at out house you would think i loved it lol… i have a nearly 2 yr old grandaughter so i will look forward to it for her…shes coming xmas day with her mum (my daughter) and dad,so that will be nice,my other half does the cooking,i make the trifle and bake,

we tried to say we were having a chinese for dinner this year…but my daughter was horrified… so we had to stick with tradition… i still have a dream of sitting on a beach xmas day… we booked twice,but had to cancel twice due to me being too ill to go… so i gave up on the dream…oh well never mind…i count my blessings at xmas.and i have a lot to be thankful for… a roof over my head,food on the table and a loving family…Merry christmas everyone …

J x

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sorry gang my last post should have been in answer to Pats other post,ive put it in wrong place…im not going mad…really im not lol

J x


I get an unpleasant shivering feeling in the evening when I’m sitting watching TV and getting tired. Not sure whether that’s the same thing. Anyway, it tends to disappear with the activity of getting to bed, and drifting off to sleep cuddling the hot water bottle.

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yes i get it when i have done to much and go and rest shiver/shaking in time to heart beat somtimes with very deep breathing g

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Hello Pat,

I can’t even begin to come to terms with the effects on my body. I get a variety of pulsating and sense of movement. As with many of us, sleep can be quite elusive so we lie there with it going on. Have to stop now-Rose story time!

Best wishes, Steve. x

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