does the earth move for you?!

Have had the weirdest sensation - was out shopping and a few times felt that the floor was juddering beneath me. Looked about and no one else seemed to notice and my friend assured me that the shopping centre wasn’t crumbling to the ground! Is this an MS thing? Haven’t come across it before!

hi there,

yeah i had that once. i told my neuro the same thing i.e i looked around but everyone was carying on so realised it was me! i thought it was an earth quake too. wierd weird weird. all he did was write it down so who knows if it is ms related or me? but since you said same thing it probably isnt me, yay or poop

Yes it happened to me it stopped me in my tracks was convinced the floor was shaking like mini earth tremor but none of my family felt it, they thought I was crazy. I also think the bed is vibrating sometimes at night and driven hubby mental asking him if he can feel it. I am waiting first neuro appt so no diagnosis of anything X

Thank god it’s not just me!! Have to say its one of the more amusing symptoms lol!

Yep I get it too… scared the hell out of me at first esp as I used to live in San Francisco! Thought I had left shakers behind once I was back in the UK!

I also get the vibrating bed… not as much fun as it sounds.

Pat x

Lol snow leopard the vibrating bed really isn’t that much fun is but if you tell other people it sounds quite exciting. Its woken me up before now! !

But do you know what it is? I can’t work it out! I can’t understand it because I the pins and needles and vibrations etc feel obviously part of my body but this feels outside of my body! I am still in the early stages where I need to be able to explain everything. I assume that those of you who have had dx/been in limbo for a long time will know that’s something I’ll have to get used to quickly :frowning:

Nope sunflower I don’t know what it is and it feels outside of my body too. Not sure really how long I’ve been in limbo as such for, first got symptoms about 3yrs ago went to a neuro who I saw for less than 5 minutes who told me numbness, burning and word forgetting etc were all normal everyone gets them. Then saw another one about 6mths later as migraine got worse and he said the symptoms are part of migraine and I got daily meds bo more migraines. Now waiting to see neuro again as all symptoms back, falling over, forgetting words, occasional bladder probs, vibration and nystagmus in my eyes. I want to know why I have these symptoms but I don’t I try and laugh it off to my friends and family like its a quirk I’ve got but I’m scared You’re not alone x

Hi again, regarding what it is and it feeling like it’s outside the body.

I have given this some thought as it really does not feel inside the body (like vibration, buzzing etc).

I can only think that all the experience we have, all the physical sensations, we feel via the nervous system. So… if we were actually in a small earthquake we would only feel the shaking of the ground because our nervous system allowed us to feel the shaking.

Am I making any sense here?

So because our nervous systems are ‘compromised’ (hahaha… polite way of putting it… I mean Fu££ed up!) we feel sensations that are not there… not only inside our bodies but what feels like outside our bodies.

Not sure how well I’ve put that but hope you see what I mean.

I also get a sensation that feels like I’m in a lift which is going down very quickly… you know that feeling of dropping down at speed? Like brain and stomach are still left up there? (or like turbulence in plane). Anyway I get that too and it also feels outside my body.

The Weird Weird World of MS.

Pat x

H there, yes that was one of the first symptoms I noticed, really weird, i was standing in a queue in a shop and really thought the ground was shaking, it was like a very big lorry had gone past or someone was using a road drill. other timers i feel like i’m walking on a bouncy castle where the groubd beneath me feels soft and bouncy and i feel like i’m going to fall over. Unfortunately it doesn’t just happen when i’m standing, i get it when sitting and lying down too. I get the bed vibration thing a lot and have done for a few years now. As we live quite close to a main road i thought the bed was actually vibrating when a lorry went by, it was only recently talking to my hubby that i found out he has never experienced the bed shaking so realised it was just me. Fo me, the vibtations mostly feel internal, like im shivering inside right through the core of my body.Its all very odd

Thanks for the replies. Pat - that does make sense I think! And I have been having the ‘dropping like in a lift sensation’ too and hadn’t thought of the similarity between the two. I have a kind of internal shaking thing going on as well but that is mostly when I’ve had a drink