Feeling of vibration coming from deep within my bones

Hi all! I’m not yet diagnosed, but I have been seeing a neurologist to get to the bottom of my symptoms, and I heavily suspect it’s PPMS. Anyway, I used to get a sensation that would feel like vibration coming from deep inside my bones. I always put this down to my bipolar disorder - I’m not sure why given that I’ve never found anyone else with a similar experience and my psychiatrist had no clue what I was talking about. Has anyone else with MS experienced this? It would ease somewhat if I’d lie down on a flat surface.

Hi Kimmykim

Sensations of internal vibrations are fairly common in neurological conditions; I get a sensation of ‘buzzing’ in my foot and lower leg when I’ve overdone things - the more I overdo it/over heat, the stronger the ‘buzzing’.

You should discuss this with your Neurologist when you next see/speak with them.

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Yes I get vibrating sometimes I liken it to lying on a mobile phone.

Tell them at your next appointment.

Pam x


I used to get that and various other symptoms when I was first diagnoses with RRMS. These went away as I went into remission for the past 20 years or so. I have recently been re-diagnosed as Secondary Progressive this mainly means I now have drop foot and have lost mobility in my right leg. I have had involuntary muscle spasms in my left are recently which feel a bit like trapped butterflies.

I find tingling in both arms and legs becomes more profound when lying down. Everyone’s MS symptoms is different. I have RRMS.

I have only felt that a couple times- in bed. Freaked me out :flushed:. Feels SO strange- and this is coming from someone who has had constant buzzing in arms & legs since 1985 and many, many other weird sensations - especially in the last few years. How did my leg get wet??? Oh! It’s not. My toes are frozen- they’re not. I have something lightly brushing my arm- I don’t…. +++

Good luck! Odd & weird- but that’s MS!

Hello Kim

I think that the feeling of something vibrating under the skin is quite a common symptom with MS along with Pins and needles and various aches. Please don’t assume that you have MS because of this as this has been my personal experience andI am not a nurse, doctor or neurologist.

My symptoms began with a lack of vision in one eye which was diagnosed as Optic Neuritis, Eventually I was diagnosed as having Relapsing/Remissive MS and after going into remission have led a relatively normal life for around thirty years. I wish you well

I was told this is called Lairmettes syndrome … its so strange isnt it !!!

Hi Kimmy

Yes I recognise this symptom. When I was first diagnosed with RRMS I often experienced what felt like a mobile phone on vibrate buzzing under my skin. This would move about my body and could be in a thigh or arm etc.

I would also get pins and needles in my arms amongst other things, so don’t worry you’re not going insane