body vibrating when falling asleep/waking up...

Hi guys,

Just wank to ask if anyone has a vibrating sensation underskin thats not visible on the outside, when falling asleep or waking up? Ive had it every day for months. Ive not mentioned it to the doctors/neuro yet as i didnt think it was related to ms. But its a horrible sensation and its annoying me. the joys hey.

On the plus side Ive had two really good days with my legs, ie no spasticity only tiredness so walking has been easier, yay. Fingers crossed its a turning point?

How is it though, one symptom does one and another shows up in its place? my head is tingling and numb today! very odd.

Hows everyone diddling today?


Hi Kel I have constant buzzing in the heels of my feet it’s intermitent though if you know what I mean. Buzzes/vibrates then stops then starts again awful isn’t it?

yeah, im getting so i dont want go sleep as its a sickening sensation. Mainly my hands arms and head. What with sleep apnea its all plesent in the land of nodding off lol.

so glad to have this site, its like a bunch of new best friends who actually understand rather than ones who dont give a dam (my expierence).

Hope you get some sleep hun x

Hi again With the symptoms I’m experiencing at present dont think there’s much chance of that :frowning: cant remember last time I had a good nights sleep! Totally agree with you about people that dont have ms not understanding even my hubby gets on my nerves with his stupid theory’s of what could help - absolutley clueless. Hope you sleep well and dont have too much disturbance xx

Dont know why my first reply came up anon!! x

Hi all,

Not sure if this is what you are refering to, but my whole body has had this feeling of restlessness, kind of like RLS (restless leg syndrome) but in your whole body, even in my lungs it feels like. It’s really annoying because anytime I stop moving (i.e sleep) it becomes ubearable and I have to move. Did you guys experience this? Iv’e also had REALLY dry hands, regardless of how much lotion I put on. They feel stiff, like all the moisture has been sucked out. On the plus side, I was incredibly active and productive today because I didn’t want to stop moving! My dog appriciated it!



Yes, got it now! Feet, ankles + calves & fingers, hands + arms buzzing as my body is ready for bed. Don’t think I get it in a morning tho.

thanks for the replies guys.

Sue ive been thinking how best to describe the feelings, since restlessness isnt it. I think buzzing or tingling is more accurate

Its most strange, i get in all over top half including my head. I hate it EVERY single time i sleep, which at the minute is tens of times a day nodding off trying my best to stay awake! The fatigue I have to say is most awful isnt it? I think right now id even take my mobility issues over the fatigue?? It take my personality away!! I feel lost in this (only told suspiously ms awaiting more test results) whatever disease! How do you guys deal with it all??

kel x

Hi Kel,

I describe it as Sue does - a buzzing going in waves from my feet to my waist and in the morning lying in bed can feel it in my arms and hands too. Stronger in my legs if I do any walking.

Dr put me on amiltriptyline to help me sleep at night. I take 1 is the buzzing is mild and 2 if it’s shaking me about!! Helps me sleep.

Glad your legs are feeling better, hope that continues.

Jen x


i get it every night, it feels like electricity going through your body ( if that sounds strange but the only way i can describe it) weirdest feeling ever and annoying.

Hi it’s 2am in the morning and can’t sleep with the constant buzzing, pins and needles everywhere even my ears and eyes. Why does it start when your in bed, keeping hubby awake with all my tossing and turning it really does drive me mad. Think it might be the spare room again at least one of us will get some sleep. Karen x

Hi it’s 2am in the morning and can’t sleep with the constant buzzing, pins and needles everywhere even my ears and eyes. Why does it start when your in bed, keeping hubby awake with all my tossing and turning it really does drive me mad. Think it might be the spare room again at least one of us will get some sleep. Karen x My theory for why it happens when you are in bed is that there is a lot less sensory input so your mind focuses more on what is around.

Hi, i’m not dx yet but the buzzing/vibration thing is one of my strongest and most distressing symptoms, and mine is also when I lay down at night and when i wake up, though more recently it is constant. it is a horrible sensation that with the dizzyness I have makes me feel quite nauseous. I find it gets much worse when i am overwarm, went on holiday to Spain recently and the hoy weather definately made it worse. The pins and needels also disturb my sleep, Gp put me on a short course of sleeping pills which has helped. I did ask for Amiltryptoline which is something I have had before after spinal surgery (not related to what I am going through now - unless it caused it!), but she was reluctant to let me have them as i am seeing Neuro consultant today and if he confirms MS she thinks I will probably be started on steriods so she doesn’t want me to have anything that might fight with the steriods. Just another one of the horrible symptoms of this MS (if that’s what i have), seem to be getting new and worsening symptoms every day recently. After 18 months of dropped foot and loss of sensation in my foot/toes and lower leg and now all the other symptoms i am very much hoping for reason for all this!!! I find out later today (I hope)

I have been experiencing internal vibrating all over my body when I wake up in the morning. I have a laptop on my bed and I thought that it might be that buzzing even though turned off. Very like leaning against a dishwasher/washing machine, but I have found that if I do a few simple exercises the previous day it is worse. I am in secondary progressive ms, first diagnosed in 1996 and am 90% of the time in bed.


Welcome to the forum. You might not have realised that you’ve joined onto a very old thread. You would probably get more relevant and/or up to date replies by starting your own topic. You do this by hitting the New Thread button, give it a title and post whatever you feel.

Your internal (I wrote infernal initially!) could be due to tremor, or spasms or one of so many symptoms. I found my own tremor from laying in bed trying to sleep and thinking my heart was racing and that my whole middle was shaking, I could feel it, but tried to get my husband to feel it and he couldn’t. Eventually I worked out what it was. Perhaps you are getting the vibrations when all your usual drugs have worn off?


Hello Sue,

You could well be right about the drugs wearing off, I am taking so many now and am finding that everything is getting worse and nothing better, sadly, or even staying the same.

All my life I have taken pride in being able to solve problems and find ways round things, but I can’t fight this and the blows are coming thick and fast now.

Anyway, still always looking on the bright side of life.

Thanks Sue, regards, Phil.