advice please :-)

Hi everyone,

Just after some advice, I tend to always have a problem with my back where when I move my head/neck forwards i get a shooting tingling sensation from my feet up my spine, its often quite mild and I can put up with it, but recently its getting much worse and i’m getting numbness on my waist and more tingling in my arms and legs. I’ve had these symptoms in relapses but it seems to be hanging around more now and its more painful.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice, I’m getting a bit wrestless and narky so could do with some help for my boyfriends sake!!

Thankyou very much, Lucy x

Hi Lucy,

Sorry to hear about your symptoms - someone discussed this on the old boards. I get a buzzing sound in my ears when I put my chin to my chest.
Give your MS nurse a ring - may be able to help.
Hope it gets better soon
Jen xx

Hi Lucy, I think what youre describing is probably something called LHermittes. It is a common symptom for many MSers.

It might be something to do with lesions at the top of the spine. I get it when I tilt my head down sometimes, but not always.

I`m not sure if there is a drug to ease it.

Sorry I cant offer anymore than that, im afraid.

luv Pollx

Sounds very like something I had prior to ever thinking MS
Now I know a little I think it might have been L’hermittes
Have a look round the MSS site for info on it and go chat to your GP/MS nurse etc.

Hi Lucy,
I agree with the others, sounds like L’hermittes. It’s super common with MS … I’ve experienced it a lot over the years. It comes and goes, and actually I often have it when I’m not having a relapse … it just shows up for a few weeks while I otherwise feel totally fine. Anyway, for me the L’hermittes always passes after a few weeks. As for the numbness and tingling, I’ve had that too, but I think it’s separate from L’hermittes. To be honest, I’m not sure what you can do. I just wait for symptoms to go away, and only in one case was it too terrible to cope with that I took steroids. Anyway, sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with it. Hope you feel better soon.