very weird sensation

Just experiencing something very weird - feeling a bit light headed., sitting in bed eating dinner. Looked down a get a weird gurgling/bubbling sensation from chest to abdomen all the way down. Anyone else had this ?

Giving tingles in my legs too

Both hands suddenly got much more tingly too

This is all so new, im finding it very scary

Hi JanetV,

I often get the gurgling it always takes it’s time to go but a mint or mint tea sometimes help. I get the tingle too mostly on the right this can last a day or weeks. Always ring MS nurse for advice or GP who doesn’t really know much about MS. Hope it settles down soon Take care

Thank you Lost Angel…it just came on really suddenly, but thats helped me to calm down. Due to see my gp on Tuesday morning. Still trying to get hold of my ms nurse. X

Morning. Managed to speak to my gp now. It has a name - Lhermittes. Marvelous. this ms thing is such a barrel of laughs !

Glad you got a diagnosis for this, I’d never heard of it. You are right about ms being a barrel of laughs and it just doesn’t stop giving either.The heat today has had me inside all day trying to keep standing I can moan about anything lol. Hope you really do feel a bit better, fingers crossed,

Thanks, it has been a trying day hasn’t it !

I am starting to make progress getting through this relapse thank goodness and slowly getting used to the whole idea of living with the beast.

Onwards and upwards I guess :slight_smile:

Janet x

Hello again Janet just a note to see if you were given any meds that might help or just left to work through it. Did the storm have any effect last night, it was fierce but good to watch. Take care V x

Is the sensation similar to a sort of electric shock? When I bend my head down my neck down my spine tingles for a few seconds, it’s weird.

Thats exactly it , sounds like you have it too. There’s a good explanation on the ms trust website.

I’m now taking gabapentin which is helping to take the edge off the sensation, though seems it won’t stop the feeling altogether.

Hope it’s not bothering you too much

Janet x