Weird numbness again :)

Hello all. I managed to get on my allotment with hubby. Did all the weeding and took my time. To cut a long story short, after tea my left forefinger went numb. Then left side of mouth, which has spread up my face, nose,ear and whole of bottom lip and my neck on left side. This is the worst I’ve ever had it on my face. It’s so weird! It’s like a dentists anaesthetic, that weird tingly numbness. It actually made me laugh as I could feel it spread across my face :s so odd. At least MS keeps me on my toes lol.

i hope the site is running normally again for everyone. I noticed it went down this afternoon for a bit. Keep well everybody xx

I have a resident numb/tingly left cheek and tip of tongue, which sometimes spreads to my lips. One day I was washing up and I felt it creep over to my right cheek, stay for a moment then crawl back…as if it was exploring! Perhaps it was just the hot dishwater. (If this isn’t MS, its doing a darn good impression!)

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I totally get that ‘exploring’ feeling. I could feel this numbness crawling round my face, then it went down my neck. It’s so odd. Today I’m not too bad, still bits of numbness but I’ve had a busy day, so I’m relaxing now. I hope you’re alright hunni. I really hope you get sorted soon. My GP is chasing my Neuro to get me in before November. The GP can only give me things like diazepam or morphine( which I don’t like, makes me feel sick); I’m hoping the Neuro has good drugs in his arsenal :wink:

from what you’ve been saying in the forum, I’d be well surprised if you don’t have MS. It really does seem to fit doesn’t it ? Keep us posted anyway Hun and chat soon xx

Thanks Beverly. I was surprised when my first MRI came back ‘within normal limit’. That makes me think they saw something but consider it normal for my age. Still, I can’t wait to get my neuro appointment. I’m convinced its MS aswell. Just feels true…but they don’t take intuitions as proof. I had a migraine today and that tingly numbness spread to the side of my tongue. It’s a bit better now though. I hope you get some help soon, something without nausea! xx

i to have numbness. mostly constant but it’s got a little worse recently. left side of my body for me, forearm and hand and left leg all “numb but not numb” i can feel them, but not the same as my right side. Even worse now is the accompanying pins and needles in my left hand. making it hard to wear my engagement ring and i’m trying to grin and bear it but it’s soooo hard when you can feel but not quite feel the ring on your finger!!!

Reikiblossom- what you said about they might have found something and thought it normal? I had my first MRI about 5 years ago. On that they found 4 lesions and they didn’t tell me till about 2 years ago. I’d keep pushing, as I’ve had to. Hope you have some good days soon xx

stressed little puddytat - sorry to hear it. I hope you feel better soon, or at least the numbness disappears x

Phew, i thought i was going mad, had the same experience with my finger the other day. I also get a numb upper lip which spreads to the base of my nose and it tingles, just like dentist injections.

Does anyone else feel as though the numb area is very cold? my finger was like this even though the rest of my fingers felt warm xx

Beverly - I intend to. I’m feeling a bit physically better today but in a bit of an unmotivated haze…still no neuro/CFS therapy letters yet but at least I found out that the referral has been sent off

Hexy79 - I also get numb lips and a tingly/twitching nose. I seem to notice temperature less where it’s numbish. I once ran a bath for my young daughter, tested it with my left hand and thinking it was OK, told her to get in. She said it was hot, I tried it with my other hand and it was a bit too hot but not enough to scald, thankfully.

On couple of occasions I have had tingling on right side of nose & lip. It feels like I just had injection from dentist. Anyone know what it might be. Thanks