Numbness and tingling

My numbness and tingling symptomd have flared up again today, along with patches on my tongue and skin which aren’t properly feeling heat, along with fatigue hitting me hard this afternoon. My left cheek, tip of my tongue, patches of left arm and leg just don’t feel right. I’ve had these symptoms for months now but some days I hardly notice them, others, like today, it seems to flare up. Why???

Not long 'til I see a neuro again. I’m just looking for understanding. I’m a bit fed up of this. I didn’t enjoy my warm shower so much because large patches of me weren’t feeling the warmth (though I could feel it hitting my skin).I can’t believe this is all down to Chronic Fatigue.

I dread coming into the winter months as my symptoms always begin to get worse, not sure if it’s the cold or the dark or both.

New blanket for for downstairs is on the books for me, I think!

Noticed they are expensive this year for a decent throw, trip to matalan in the week maybe called for.

hope you feel more comfortable soon.

catherine xx

Thanks Catherine. I hope you find a soft, thick, snuggly blanket in your favourite colour(s). Mine is purple and came from a local shop as a Christmas present from my mum :slight_smile: We keep a couple of blankets downstairs, really useful.

The numbness/ scalded tongue feeling aren’t driving me quite so bonkers this morning. Off to my GP later with a couple of queries. I seem to have a bunch if symptoms that jostle for attention, taking it in turns to grab my attention. I do my best to get on with things/rest. I’m still a bit annoyed about having been labelled with ‘hypervigilance’ by the last neuro. I know, really, that it isn’t a judgement about me but an observation. It is hard to ignore this rabble of bodily warning signals and I am only slowly learning how to deal with them. As hard as motherhood is,under the circumstances, it is also a blessed distraction. I have one bright little girl who is learning to read and making me really proud!