For the past three months most of my right side has been numb and I have some numbness in my left hand too, but today I have realised that it has now spread to the whole of my head and part of my neck. 

Should I be letting the neuro know as Im in the middle of the dx tests (spine MRI tomo) and I dont go back to see her until Sept 25th?

Not sure what to do as I seem to spend my life at either my GPs or a hospital somewhere.

Maybe its something to do with the hot weather?

Thanks people


Could be the hot weather Paula.

I would certainly mention it to the radiologist you see tomorrow. Mine asked whether I'd had any new episodes or symptoms when I went for my repeat scan. Maybe also let the Neuro secretary know that your original symptoms seem to have got worse and that way you've at least alerted them.

Hope you feel better and hope the scan goes well - I know you were worried about keeping still.



Thanks Reemz

Seems like I am falling to pieces emotionally and physically these past couple of weeks. Thanks xx

I know what you mean. You seem to be clinging on to a fine thread hoping that it’ll all just go or you’ll finally get some answers but it gets very tiring.

Let us know how it goes. Will think of you tomorrow.X

Thats a good way to put it Reemz. I think sometimes we maybe cover up how we really feel (even if we dont realise it) to protect other people.  This week Im a mess. I think that as I applied for DLA on Monday that might have something to do with it; as its a kind of acceptance that Im disabled by these symptoms.

Im fine when the kids are in (kids being 17 and 21) and a wreck when they are out. 

Thanks for your support Reemz

P xx

hey Hun…re numbness…it’s not easy finding new areas…I too have become numb in my left leg…and the saddle region…and has been for some weeks and before that my left buttock and down back of left leg and inside left leg…it’s scary for sure so empty hiss…and also it’s starting to feel normal as its not going away., and I really don’t like that at all…ESP my private areas…lol sorry but after my accident in 94 that area became much more sensitive and I always felt it was some sorty of compensation physically because my mobilityu was poor…lol…but now I am not happy at all as am sure you are…with these new areas…

yes do mention to radiologyst…and either contact neuro secretary yourself on new symptoms or speard of numbness…or your gp can write and see if you can be seen sooner but after your MRI date…??

em x

Thanks Em

Its weird that I still itch even tho its numb to touch.

Re. sensitive bits lol lol.. I am totally numb erm.. there and my backside, but only on the right side. God job I have an understanding fella eh!

Thanks for the advice and I will be phoning neuros sec and letting the radiologist know too. I may be having a lumbar puncture so thats why I dont see neuro again till Sept.

P xx

no probs Hun…just wanted to say hi and let you know you’re not alone and empathise with you entirely…I have no idea if I have ms or something else or a tethered spinal cord…(waiting on MRI s…)which doesn’t explain the ON or arm probs…lol

ahhh re numb bits…well we have a numb ass cheek each then!! haha
alas I don’t have a fella and am somewhat concerned about this should I meet someone and we have a relationship…!! eek!! cross that one if necessary…

yep I get itchy skin too like something is crawling underneath it…again usually in numb areas…very odd I agree…

good idea re neuro and radiologyst…eek re LP rather you than me …but best get it done then they have all they need…and no more back and forth for tests…when is LP booked? maybe see if you can see neuro shortly after then or as soon as results are in…??

em x

Numb bits is horrid - I had it in my first episode but like you Paula only on oneside. My bum used to hurt from sitting after a while if that makes sense and yes we need understanding partners in this scenario. Thankfully apart from the other week where my bit had pins and needles flare for a while I  have pretty much recovered from that.

Hope you both get better soon - this isn't very nice at all.