sorry to post again :frowning:

I’m really frightened, everyday another part of me goes numb, today it was my chest and a finger. There is almost nowhere on my body that isn’t numb. This is happening really fast and I’m frightened, I’ve never seen anyone with MS describe this feeling either. Every single day another piece of me just goes numb. I can’t stop crying :frowning:

Please try to stop panicking. You get your MRI results tomorrow you said? Enjoy today keep smiling all will be ok x

Yes I do, just don’t want it to be bad. I’m getting worse everyday, I hope its just a functional neurological disorder :frowning:

Hey there. I’ve just messaged you. Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. The worry can be all consuming, but only one more sleep before you get some answers.

My numbness kept increasing for a couple of weeks at the beginning of things. It then settled down, with constant numbness in fingers & when tird, hot, cold full of cold ect ect, it comes along in loads of different places. Right now my face is feeling numb. But I know it will go again. Ps. I can still use my hands

stress also increases my symptoms, so it could be after you get some answers tomorrow (fingers crossed). The symptoms you are feeling may reduce. If it’s ms (I am no doctor). And if it’s a ms relaps you could even completely recover from what’s currently going on for you. Good luck with getting through today, hugs.

Thanks everyone :’( please say a prayer for me


i hope you get on ok at your appointment today, I just wanted to say that even if you are diagnosed with ms that it is not a death sentence.

i remember when my dad was diagnosed I was 15 and my family went into meltdown that was nearly 30 years ago and he’s still on his feet a bit wobbly but still refuses to let him put him on his bum at 70.

ive only been recently diagnosed at 42 and I know that a small few are effected very badly very quickly but the majority get on with their lives and adapt and have a normal life expectancy.

hooe You get the answers you want

louise x

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