Stress and numbness

dear all

Drs suspects MS but not seeing neurologist until September. New symptoms every day?

Can’t really afford to give up work. But, I had a very stressful day today. I am a teacher, full time, vulnerable teenagers etc. No break and by lunchtime my face and lips were numb and pins and needles. Came home straight away and rested. Will I have this symptom now forever?

Scared that every time I am overworked another symptom will come on.

Any advice is welcome.


Stress definitely doesn’t help, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this particular symptom will be there forever. My symptoms come and go if and when they feel like it. No rhyme or reason it seems. Rest will help to a certain extent but won’t necessarily do what you hope it will. All the symptoms might just disappear tomorrow…fingers crossed they do for you