Stress , symptoms and medication

Neuro has said I am officially in limbo … At the moment go back to see him every six months . I am suffering from extreme (unavoidable) stress from my job at the moment and my symptoms are noticeably worse … Severe brain fog and excruciating fatigue with right sided weakness, tinnitus, numbness etc. I don’t know how much longer I can rep going without collapsing. GP said go back any time but I suppose I need to know if it’s a waste of time? Is there anything that he can give to relieve symptoms or will it just be a case of rest? For next two weeks, rest is not an option. Please let me know if there’s anything to help with episodes like this. Thanks !!

hi debbie

you know the answer to your question - rest is the key.

it’s very difficult when you’ve been used to running on adrenaline which it sounds as though you have.

but your body wants a rest, it wants it now and it will throw a heck of a tantrum if it doesn’t get it.

look at it this way, if you have demyelination this means that the signals aren’t getting through properly.

this means that your brain has to work out other routes and keep on and on trying.

this makes your brain and yourself very tired.

some people are able to take 5 minute naps, i can’t do that - it’s 5 hours or nothing.

your gp may be able to help with individual symptoms so it’s worth going for a talk and it will get onto your records which your neuro will have access to.

i would have liked to give a more positive post but at the moment your body is screaming for a rest.

make sure that you eat nutritious meals and take plenty of fluids.

could you ask your employer to allow you 2 minute breaks to have a walk outside?

sometimes a change of environment can be as good as a rest.

look after yourself because you are important!

carole xxx

Thanks Carole… You’re right I know. I’ve managed to get a week off next week and all I can think about is sleeping ! I’ve just got used to hiding things… No one at work knows coz I feel a bit ‘fake’ by saying I probably have ms . being in limbo sucks! I am so grateful I can get support from people here though. Thank you! Xx

tell them you are undergoing tests for a neurological condition because you are!

carole x