Awaiting diagnosis

Hi aim awaiting a final diagnosis of MS, my MRI scan has shown a lot of inflammation, I have optic neuritis , really bad fatigue which means I’m missing days off work, some pins & needles in arms & legs which only lasts a few hours. Poor short term memory, forgetting words, tingling in side of head, electric shocks in neck lasting about 10 seconds, the side of my mouth has dropped when I smile & last but not least I have cluster headaches. My gp told me it was most likely ms but neuro has don lots of blood tests & wants to rule everything else out 1st & wants to send me for a vision evoke response before making a decision. My symptoms never seem to subside but are always there & have been for at least a year now & I’m worried that I will have to give up my job as an accountant due to poor concentration. I have some critical illness insurance for 1/3 of mortgage but it would help, my policy states that I must have “clinical impairment of motor or sensory function, which must have persisted for a continuous period of at least three months”. Can you tell me if optic neuritis would fall into this category.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Optic neuritis is a clinical impairment of sensory function so, yes, it should count. Although it sounds like MS is a strong possibility, there is still a chance that there is something else going on, eg vitamin B12 deficiency, a genetic condition or even (if your symptoms have been the same since early on) a one off attack. So try and keep an open mind for now. As far as work goes, you should be covered by The Equality Act in which case your employer has to, by law, make reasonable adjustments to allow you to stay in work. These might include working from home more, having a longer lunch break so you can have a sleep, changing your hours, etc. So please do not give up your job until you have explored all the possibilities - it is easier to stay in an existing job than find a new one. I hope the neuro works it out soon. Karen x

Thank you rizzo, it’s just the waiting for a dx but I have no choice. Fatigue is really bad but I’m really lucky as my employers have told me that any time I need off is not a problem & anything they can do to help, they will. Thanks again