Scared this is MS

Hi to everyone - I would welcome any advice and support out there.

I suffered sudden blurred vision 10 days ago in one eye and referred by my optician to the hospital where i was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. I am a 40 year old female and last year suffered 6 months of terrible cluster migraines for which i was treated with various medications but never offered a scan of any kind. the last few months have also brought bouts of fatigue where I have absolutely HAD to sleep - not just felt tired and fancied a nap but overwhelmingly HAD to there and then sleep and had instances where my right arm just didn’t feel connected to my body. I had just put these down to medication but am now worried these could be MS. I have an appt with a Neuro Opthamologist in a few weeks - can anyone tell me if they suffer similar symtoms and what they are likely to cover at this first appt?

My GP today looked at me and apologised as if i had a terminal illness today when I called in for a sicknote and explained what the hospital had diagnosed as far as the Optic Neuritis was concerned - are my symtoms really that bad and indicative of MS - sorry if I am being naive :frowning:


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I think the main thing to know is that even if it is MS, it is absolutely NOT the end of the world! What your GP was looking at you like that for, I have no idea, but he/she really isn’t going to be winning any prizes for appropriate bedside manner!!!

Optic neuritis is often associated with MS, but it also occurs in other conditions, some of which are relatively easily treated, e.g. vitamin B12 deficiency. Cluster headaches are not generally associated with MS, but people with MS are more likely to get migraine. The fact that they occurred for six months and then stopped(?) may be significant, but it’s difficult to say (and I’m not a neuro!). Fatigue is a very common symptom of MS, as are weird sensations, but they can happen with many conditions so it doesn’t really narrow things down much. Overally, the optic neuritis points towards MS, but it’s definitely best to keep an open mind as it could be any number of things, including something that can be stopped by simply taking supplements.

The neuro-ophthamologist will take a history and check out your eyes. (They might ask about family medical history too, so try and find out just in case.) He/she will probably order an MRI and perhaps some other tests (e.g. VEPs, visual evoked potentials, where they measure the signals between your eyes and your brain - completely painless, but the gel they stick the pads on your head with mucks up your hair!). Depending on what’s found in the tests, they may refer you to another kind of neurologist for a more general investigation. It’s nothing to worry about - they want to work out what’s going on and all you have to do is answer questions and go with the flow.

Neurology is complicated so it can take a while to work things out, so be prepared for a bit of a long haul.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Karen x

thanks Karen, the migraines haven’t stopped, they are just under control with some preventative pills but they have taken a few months to settle. The hospital did also mention seeing tortoures??? in my affected eye but not got a clue what thet means.

Will take your advice and go with the flow - thanks for taking the time to answer - much appreciated