Newbie and Scared

I am in the early stages of having tests done for ms. My whole right side from shoulder to foot is numb but my right arm is fine so far. It has been numb for over two weeks now. I also had what I have found out is called the “ms hug” before I went numb. Please can anybody tell me how long their first episode lasted?

hi guzlover

how long is a piece of string?

we all have a different path with ms and a different time scale.

take comfort in the fact that you are unique!!

i had intense pins and needles in my right foot for 4 weeks before i saw my gp.

it was a locum who prescribe thiamine tablets (B1)

they got rid of the pins and needles.

but a month later it came back in both feet and both hands.

8 years on, they are still there but i am used to them.

meanwhile take a good Vitamin B complex, it will do no harm if does no good.

carole x

Thanks Carole x

Dear G Lover.

your situation sounds similar to mine, although i never had the hug. as said by carole^, you will derive little value from other people’s experiences, which is one of the main reasons for why MS is such a sonofabitch. but for what it is worth, my right sided numbness started, spread and then retreated over a six week period.

for me, the most vital thing in overcoming this ‘relapse’ was to rid myself of stress. i pursued every manner of medical assistance in order to secure diagnosis and thus a long term plan. but i also refined my diet (no more junk) and behaviour (no more stress, plenty of quality sleep).

also, one thing that helped me psychologically but also might be useful for any neurologist consultation in the future, is a detailed diary of what symptoms came on / worsened but also (more significantly) which faded / improved.

with everyday starting with you performing a system check of what is still the same or god forbid getting worse or is new, a diary can help remind you that things really do improve over time!

Thank you for your reply Paolo. I will start keeping a diary. I have will have been numb up my right hand side for 3 weeks tomorrow, but I am hoping it will improve one day soon. I understand everyone is different but reading how everyone deals with their symptoms and situations really helps. I do eat healthily and used to walk a lot and even went to the gym and zumba classes before this started. I have a mostly stress free life luckily and try to sleep well. Thanks again for your reply.

Today I had an appointment with a neurologist. He was wonderful and I was there for over an hour. I had been so worried he would belittle my symptoms. But he did many tests and even invited his junior doctors to examine me which I didn’t mind. He is arranging for me to have an mri scan, lumbar puncture and eye examination. They discussed what they thought my symptoms were and all said ms. He will see me again when I have had all my tests in the next few weeks hopefully. I am still in shock but would rather know what is wrong with me and get the correct medication. Life really can be a bitch but hey there are worse things we could have.

Get a name for your pain, and then you’ll know with what to start fighting back!

Good luck!

Thanks Paolo