Have any of you ever

Four months ago my symptoms started with what I now know is the ms hug which lasted 3 weeks. On the day it cleared up my foot went numb. The day later my whole right side also went numb and stayed numb for 3 months.

I just got the feeling back again but then almost immediately I had my second relapse with the ms hug again which lasted 3 weeks again. Then it cleared up yesterday and I can feel my foot going numb as I type and pins and needles in my right leg. Almost exactly the same pattern that happened four months ago.

I was so happy a few weeks ago when I got feeling back but now I can tell it is all going numb again.

Have any of you had similar experiences please?


it’s my new normal now.

that hug is a beast!

rest and let someone else take the load for a while.

sending you hugs

sorry couldn’t resist it.

carole x

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most of my relapses/activity are proceeded by numbness in several area and to varying degrees, the only thing to get rid of it for me is when they put me on a 5 day course of IV steroids. There are dangers with this though (aren’t there always), due to the effect the steroid has on bones.

Last course was earlier this year - the dr was telling me I should take Omeprizole, but as I already have osteoporosis I had been on Omeprizole for the last 18 months. He was really pleased!

Thanks Carole x it makes me feel so much better knowing another person suffers the same thing as me ( not so good for you ).

As you probably know I am having a nightmare with my neurologist. I am sure I have ms sadly but just need to find a good neurologist who is not too arrogant to listen to me.